Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Impatient? ME????

I am...not the most patient of people. I tell my kids, probably fifteen times a day to "hurry up." Hurry up and eat your breakfast, the bus is coming. Hurry and brush your teeth, it's bedtime. Hurry up! I'll be fifty before you finish that math worksheet!

Yeah, I like things to happen, and I like them to happen YESTERDAY.

I need to stop it. I get impatient when I wait in lines. I get mad when the muffins don't bake fully during the allotted time. I get disgruntled when a s-l-o-w car pulls in front of me (I could actually murder the ones who drive UNDER the speed limit!) and don't even get me started on restaurant service and fast food lines.

I never used to be like this. I was a LOT more easygoing. I guess I need to relax. Maybe because I've spent thirteen years married to another VERY impatient person, who wants everything done yesterday, too. We're a pair.

Patience is a virtue...and I want some of it RIGHT NOW!!! NOW I TELL YOU!!!


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Lowa said...

Man, sometimes reading your blog is like...looking in a mirror?? I can't get over the similarities...

Three sons, one daughter.

Married a blond when we prefer dark haired guys.

First names are identical minus one letter in your's.

We like similar foods if memory serves.

We love babies! Especially our own:)

AND NOW THIS!?!? I was also easy going and quite calm but married...wow. I won't even get started! And now so much of him has rubbed off on me and it is not always the good stuff. Like the patience! ARG!

This was funny. But sadly oh so true!