Friday, January 30, 2009

Okay, just let me crumple up yesterday and throw it in the garbage...although I will say, it ended on a positive note.

Had to take the baby to Thing One's fifth grade band concert--we were in the front row, and when they first started playing, he almost cried. But then he started thinking the drums were "cool" and all was fine. It was only a half hour, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And Thing One held her flute the RIGHT way, and all the others had them at weird angles, etc. I was very happy that she played so well.
She was coughing through the performance, though, and of COURSE, we were up at night coughing, too. Delsym (which is usually my miracle cure for coughing) didn't really help, and this morning her chest is tight and the cough is really nasty in her chest. So, we're headed to the Dr. I don't want to be taking her to urgent care over the weekend. I want her BETTER. Poor thing.

I feel bad, because since I was having a yucky day yesterday, I was VERY short with my kids. Downright mean, in fact. Normally, when Thing Four spills his milk all over his tray and swirls his food around in it, I tell him "no" and clean it up. Well yesterday, I YELLED no and I felt so bad when he burst into tears. Some days you just really are tested, as a mother. Your kids do "little" things to annoy you, but soon they begin to snowball and then you have a big ol' avalanche of annoyance and it has to land SOMEWHERE. I felt really bad after that, but I've been under a lot of pressure lately. I guess it comes out in my parenting, and I REALLY hate that.

I broke 60K on my story, and got 2k in yesterday. I am near the end, I can feel it. I want to get this puppy written, edited, and out there. I figure the more material I submit, the more chance I have of getting sales!

I hope this weekend is relaxing. Hubby is wasted from work because of year-end, and times are pretty tense. I scheduled massages for us at the spa for tomorrow (I have a giftcard from two years ago I've never used!) and hopefully that will help. I honestly have zero emotional investment in the Super Bowl this year, but it will be a fun excuse to make Seven-layer Taco dip and Lil' Smokies and eat them in front of a football game. :-)

Happy weekend, all!


Aimee said...

Taco dip....Little smokies...

Can you see my drool?

Anonymous said...

Lara, you're allowed to be human, and it's healthier for the kids to know when they're pushing the boundaries than to just repress things and go BOOM! all at once. You can always sit them down and explain that you had a bad day, and you're sorry you manifested it that way -- I'm sure they have bad days, too.

I know what you mean about the Super Bowl. I'm not a big football fan anyway, but I usually watch the Super Bowl anyway -- but this year . . .chances are I'll keep flipping over to watch the Puppy Bowl with the Kitten Halftime show on Animal Planet!

Enjoy the massages, and I hope you have a lovely, family-filled, food-filled, fun-filled weekend.

Great work on the novel. You're right -- the more you have circulating, the more chances you have of being published, and it starts to gain momentum after awhile.

Michelle Miles said...

I think we ALL yell at our kids when our life is crappy. I know I do it, too. I get really frustrated with mine when I have to repeat mysefl 1230498 times. I finally got hold of him last night, looked him in the face, and told him to knock it off. I'm not exactly sure THAT worked either... :D

I totally don't care about the Super Bowl. I probably won't even watch.

Have fantastic massage! And hang in there, sweetie. It WILL get better. I promise. :)