Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Day is It???

The garage door people cancelled on me because of the cold. I can't blame them. It IS cold. It's currently snowing, and I'm waiting for it to stop so I can snowblow, before the 35+mph winds kick in, and we get the 40 below temperature that's supposed to hit tomorrow.

Yep, FORTY below. *sigh*

Thing Four has a fever. Not sure what's wrong with him, he's a little whimpery and quiet, but I'm not sure what else. Hubby says take him to the Dr., but he's just begun to have symptoms, and I'm not sure if it's molars coming in or not. It could be his throat. He cries when he eats. But he sticks his fingers in his mouth and chews on them, too. So it could be teeth. I keep asking him where his "owie" is, and he just looks at me. Usually he can point, so I can give it a kiss. Not sure what it means when he can't tell me where it I am going to just watch him for now.

This has been a strange week. Usually I'm out and about with lots of errands to run and things to do--and because of the weather I've been pretty much sequestered in the house. No one goes out in this weather, unless it's for work or school, or a desperation run to the grocery store. (I did that, yesterday--we were OUT of milk.) So I've been working on my story, avoiding the laundry, and playing with the baby. LAME.

I want to get OUT. I want to GO SOMEWHERE. But, alas, it's not safe to drive around and everywhere I would want to go is a freeway drive away. DOUBLE LAME.

So, today is Laundry day, and Editing Day, and Cuddle The Sick Baby Day. The days are just melting into each other.

You gotta love Winter weather. It takes the humor right out of me.


Michelle Miles said...

Ya'll stay warm up there! For us, it's going to be a high of 35 tomorrow. That's balmy to you guys. LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope Thing Four feels better soon!

It's good to be sequestered with your writing -- think of it as a writing retreat. No excuses for not getting a lot done! ;)