Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Breathed.

Or rather...took a breath. Yesterday was crazy. Today will be the same, but not until around noon. This morning is mine, and I'm going to just tidy things up and try to get some writing in.

Sent my two little cub scouts off to school today wearing their BSA garb--they loved it. They've been begging to wear their stuff to school on Pack meeting days for MONTHS, and I have been telling them no.

My reason? I hot-glue-gunned on their patches, and I'm worried they'll fall off. Because they're boys. And stuff falls off when you're a busy active boy.

So, last night I sewed the patches on, taking care to use the appropriate color thread, because frankly, I think it's tacky when you can SEE that the patches are sewed on. I know. I'm anal.

Thing Three is a Wolf, and Thing Two is a Bear. They are so proud. I say, good for them. I think Boy Scouts is a FABULOUS organization for boys. Heck, I remember being a little girl and saying to myself "I'm going to marry an Eagle Scout!" Lucky for me, I did!

I've realized lately that if I don't write EVERYTHING down, I forget EVERYTHING. Seriously. I've forgotten so many things. I have to sit and make a list every day, and double-check it against the large calendar I do every month with all the kids activities and sports practices and games on it, so I can know how crazy my day/week is going to be. This one happens to be really busy for some reason--and of course Hubby is closing out the fiscal year at work so I won't see him until 9pm every night this week.

Okay, I'm done whining. I am going to just buck up and take care of business. It's kind of funny the chaos that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that LIFE goes as planned...

And even then, it never really "goes as planned," does it?


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Michelle Miles said...

You make me laugh. :) Probably because you are anal just like me!

I hope you get some writing in. We need to make that Feb. 1 goal, don't we? :)