Friday, January 23, 2009

"You Did Your Hair."

Uh Oh. Should I shudder at those words? Perhaps.

I took Thing One to her basketball team tryouts last night, and since I had some time, I washed my hair and used the velcro rollers. Hubby came home and we traded off kids, and I went to the tryouts (I drove to the wrong school, wasn't my fault, I thought they meant the PRIMARY school instead of the INTERMEDIATE school by the same name) but luckily the schools are right next to each other, so we basically had to drive across a parking lot.

Got inside, saw all the moms I normally see in the sports world, and we started gabbing. By 9:15, the teams had been selected, and we went home. Thing One ran upstairs, Hubby was on the sofa watching the Australian Open, and as I walked by he said "You did your Hair. It looks pretty."

I thanked him and went to go get into some jammies, and while I was dressing I realized--do I really "not do my hair" THAT often?

The unfortunate answer: yes. I'm a STAY HOME mom, people. If I did my hair every day-- A)It would fall out, B) everyone would have unintentional dark hair(s) in their food at every meal and C) I'd be nuts because when I'm cleaning or running after the baby, I HATE having hair on my neck. So it's up in a clip. Or in a ponytail.

So, I guess I'm the Ponytail Queen. And the zero makeup queen. Why would I get all dolled up, for a twenty-month old?

Am I crazy? It's not like Hubby comes home and I'm still in my jammies, unshowered, with dirty hair and stains all down my shirt--nothing like that. I

I wrote two new chapters yesterday morning and evening. I'm nearing the end. I probably have about five more to go, and I'll be finished. I'm excited to see how it turns out. I've plotted it, but my characters have surprised me along the way.

Better get my hair in a ponytail and get to work! Have a great weekend, everyone!


Michelle Miles said...

Nah. You're not bad. You're just busy! The second I walk in the door at home, my hair goes UP. I hate having it on my neck and in my face while I'm cooking dinner. And on the weekends, I refuse to wear make-up. haha

Anonymous said...

Oh man, when I didn't have to dress for work, I always had my hair in a clip. ALWAYS. It's so much easier.

It's so easy to fall into a rut. To my shame, I often pick up a copy in IN STYLE magazine, just to see what the trends are in clothes.