Monday, January 05, 2009

Didja MISS ME???

Yeah, I didn't think so. Hey everyone, it's 2009!! WOO! 2008 was just OK, but the end kind of sucked. So, I am looking forward, and jumping head first into the "fresh start-ness" of it all.

First item of business, Christmas decorations. We got back into town late Friday night, and I realized that I really did cover everything we owned with lights. And bows. And...stuff. So now, I need to basically getitdownasfastasIcanbecauseChristmasisover.

That's how I feel about Christmas decorations after Christmas. Done. Finito. Get them DOWN!!!I took the main tree decorations off last night. It was bittersweet. I've taken those decorations off for twelve years now, and they're still beautiful as the day I bought them, as a newlywed. I'm always a little sad when I take the tree down, but then I'm in the "clean and uncluttered" mood by then and it's all good.

Christmas vacation in Idaho was...busy. I really have married into a busy family. I, naturally, came from a VERY laid-back family (as in-- were we any MORE laid-back we'd slip into comas) and Hubby is from the go-go-go-never-sit-down-run-here-run-there-work-until-you-fall-into-bed-exhausted family. And they're not even farmers! So we had to be doing something all the time, and of course I lost my voice and got a nasty head cold from the climate change.

But Santa was good too me, and my favorite present: a big ol' Barnes & Noble Gift Card. Yeah, my Hubby knows how to get to me. ;-)

So, like most people, I'm now on an organizational kick, and I want to dejunk my house and my life and manage my time better. Oh, and fit into smaller jeans. And live within my means. 2008 set the stage for how we need to act in 2009. So I'm going to act accordingly.

I only have about 768 things on my to-do list for this week. You think I have enough? Sheesh. I guess all I can do is do what I can, each day.

Now I just need to remember to write 2009 on my checks, instead of 2008, as I have been lately...


Aimee said...

So nice to have you back! I missed you...big hugs and misses.

Anonymous said...

Of COURSE I missed you. Feel better with that head cold. Spicy food will help with the congestion. If you can get hold of coltsfoot and horehound (herbs) and mix it with chamomile and some honey and lemon, that will help with chest problems and also coughing.

I always keep up my decorations until Twelfth Night (the Twelve Days of Christmas are BIG in our family), so I get to look forward to dragging everything down tomorrow, and then hauling it all back into storage.

Michelle Miles said...

Welcome home!And yes, I missed you!

I'm the same way about decorations. I took mine down the Sunday after Christmas. I couldn't stand it another second.

I'm on a dejunk-organize plan, too. I'm sick of all that crap I don't use in my house. hehe

Happy 2009!