Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Don't Facebook.

Yes, I'm marching to beat of my own drum/a luddite/a bit odd. I'm one of the freaks that hasn't converted to Facebook.

My reasoning? My highly addictive personality. :-) And FB is highly addictive. My SIL wants me to join. My Dad wants me to join. I got an invitation the other day from my good friend, Aimee. And last night, my good friend Mik said I should join.

I figure since I spend an inordinate amount of time on the computer AS IT IS, doing writing and research and plain ol' surfing, getting a Facebook account would just suck away more of my time. I know, only a handful of people read this blog. Because everyone else is on Facebook. But I'm OK with that. I'm small potatoes. I'm a nobody. And that's the way I prefer it. ;-)

So, if I don't accept your invitation to join FB, don't be offended. I just have hangups about it and I know my limitations. I...MUST...RESIST...

I'm being bad and eating a bowl of Froot Loops. Yeah, I know it's full of sugar, and I'll probably drop flat in about two hours, but you know--I have to take SOME risks in life.

...just not Facebook.



Anonymous said...

I don't do FaceBook. There's no point in it for me. I can't use pseudonyms, and since I have a strict "no author photo policy'' -- no point in it for me.

I also don't do Twitter.

Writing is the priority. I don't believe either Facebook or Twitter will help my marketing enough to make them worth the time.

Aimee said...

Don't worry...I'm not hurt over your not joining Facebook. I can see how if you have an addictive personality, it could be addicting. I just love that I have FINALLY figured out a way to be connected with my brothers.

Michelle Miles said...

You make me laugh. :)

I heart Facebook! hahaha

Unknown said...

You'll cave one day, when Thing One has an account and you want a way to keep tabs on her.

But good for you for resisting. It IS addicting...

Anonymous said...

I'm a no FACEBOOK person too. I just don't see the need yet.