Wednesday, January 28, 2009


You know how sometimes you do something, and then, you forget you did it, and years later, you discover what you did and think WOW! I didn't know I did that/those were there/about those!

Yeah, that was me, yesterday.

Years ago, I went on a "pretty" book-buying binge. 2005, I believe. I didn't have a financial care in the world, wasn't on a budget, and I wanted some PRETTY books. You know, those leatherbound, gold-gilded ones that look like they come from the Easton Press, etc. They also have those "works" books, like the ones you can get at B&N for $19.96 or something like that. Yep. Bought all those. Or at least the ones I would read. And I went to antique stores VERY often, and even found an antique bookstore close to downtown Denver that was literally a hole in the wall, and the guy knew me by name after a while. I'd snap up all his "pretty" books.

Well, when we moved back to Wisconsin back in 2006, I wasn't sure what to do with all my "pretty" books. When you walk up the stairs of my house, there is a foyer/reading area with a fireplace with bookshelves built into the sides of it, and a sofa with a table and lamps, etc. We call it the "reading nook." I thought it was the PERFECT place to put all my pretty books. So I did. And then, I promptly forgot where I put them. Yes, I really did.

So, yesterday, I was in a panic, (for about five minutes because that's all the time I had) searching for those books, because I had a space in my family room that would look fabulous with some nice looking books on it.

I didn't find them. I was sad. I looked in boxes in the back, thinking I hadn't unpacked them, yet.

Then, last night, as I was tucking the kids in, we walked up the stairs and I saw...just as I "see" every night...all the books in the shelves of the Reading Nook!
I know, I am special. But hey! I found them! It was like finding a trove of treasure! As you can see, they were very dusty, and I'll have to change that, but today I have to run errands. But it was neat to realize they were there!

I figure the kids won't miss them, because they never really read them. Thing One who is 11, attempted to read Pride and Prejudice and promptly gave up, and she thought the Grimm's Fairy Tales were depressing and violent (heh heh they are!) so the books have been collecting dust for about two years.

Bad Lara.

So they're ordering the lamp for our big TV that went out. That will be one arm, one leg, and two fingers, please. Sheesh! IT's a LAMP. Since when are lamps that expensive? I hate TV. I especially hate the fact that I am addicted to about nine prime time shows and I must DVR them and watch them with Hubby after the kids go to bed. Yes, TV is deliciously evil, isn't it?

Happy Wednesday!


Unknown said...

That's pretty funny.

I can't even count how many times I've put something away somewhere so "I'll know where it is" only to forget where I put it later when I need it. It's like I need a card catalog for my life, sheesh.

Michelle Miles said...

Ooo! You have a nice collection. :)