Friday, August 01, 2008

Thing Four is a Jibber-Jabberer.

FIRST OFF--My good friend, Devon Ellington, has her new novel, HEX BREAKER out today! You can go here to purchase it. You can also go here, for the website. I've already bought mine!

Writing Status for Day Two: Goal: 2800 words. Actual: 3002, baby! Yeah!

I got a late start last night on the writing, I took some medicine that made me WOOZY. But when I sat down, I was determined to get out some key scenes. And frankly, they came out effortlessly. Probably because I'd already written them in my head. I'm beginning to worry that this story will be rubbish, because it's coming out so easily...and quickly. Eeek!

So, Thing Four, who is 14 months, is a Jibber Jabberer. All the time. He of course speaks a language that sounds part Chinese, part Hindu, part English, but it's cute. And he's started saying phrases. And he's obsessed with Apples. He sees them everywhere. He was looking down the barrel of the Nerf Gun Thing Two has, and saying "apple" the other day, and I looked down in the barrel, and the balls in the gun were a nice "Granny Apple" shade, so of course they looked like apples. It was funny.

I just wish he would jibber jabber on the phone. Or in front of people. If he thinks he has an audience, he gets this bashful look on his face and clams right up. NO jibber jabbering at all.

That's quite typical, though. I'm just glad he talks. I'm especially proud when he pulls a book out of his box, opens it up, and starts "reading" to himself. In Chinese/Hindu/English, of course.


Happy Friday, everyone! I can't believe it's August already!


Michelle Miles said...

Reading to himself is PRECIOUS. I love babies!!!

You are totally on fire. I'm so thrilled for you!

Lowa said...

That is SO CUTE about him looking down the nerf gun and saying apple!SO CUTE!

Great job on the writing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention!

Just because the words come easily doesn't mean they're bad. It means you're in the groove for your story.

That's great!