Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's just Cram it all IN...

Status: Tired already. Is the day over, yet?

Thing One, who is almost 11, had a sleepover, and they were up at 7am, playing baseball in their jammies and bare feet out in the backyard. Then we made pancakes. Then we went for a long walk. Then they made me play them at pinball. (I lost.)

So, I'm beat. And Thing One has another friend begging to come over. It's like, now that school will be starting soon, all my kids want to fill their days with playdates and sleepovers and craziness. Enjoy it while we still can, right?

WHEW. I did manage to get some editing in last night, when I wasn't helping them bake M&M cookies at ten at night. :-) I am wondering if "fresh eyes" on this story is a good thing. I think it, frankly, sucks. Well, not sucks, but it definitely needs some work. Then again, I wrote 66K in 40 days. It is going to have a few "rough spots."

Today is overcast and cool. I want to get out and do something, so maybe I'll take the kids to Target or Half Price Books. Our Target here has a really great book selection. Only the kids' books and board books' prices at Target are nothing short of Highway Robbery. Eeek.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Have a good day, all!


Michelle Miles said...

Last week of freedom, so they gotta get it all done! We all know what happens when school starts. hehehe

Try not to kill yourself. ;)

Unknown said...

Ummm...M&M cookies! Can I come over?

Lara said...

Pssst...don't tell anyone, but they put too much flour in them!


Anonymous said...

::shaking head:: like they won't see their friends at school.