Monday, August 11, 2008

Can One be Jealous of a Blackberry?

Status: Elated. Why? The Olympics! Or more specifically: The Men's 4x100m free relay. 'Nuff said.

Okay, well, maybe I'll elaborate. Hubby and I were jumping up and down cheering Lezak so loudly we woke up all the kids. The look on the faces of the French team was PRICELESS at the end. Utter shock and disbelief.


So, is it possible for a human being to be jealous of a Blackberry? Especially if maybe that person's spouse spends more time with the Blackberry than, say, anyone or anything?
I guess it wouldn't be so frustrating if Hubby wasn't such a fan of the meticulously clean inbox. Or if his co-workers didn't email him every minute. OR if he didn't tune everyone out while he was on the Blackberry. But he does, and therein lies the problem. He loves the CRACKberry.

But he's in the business where you can be a Peacock one hour and the next hour, you're in danger of becoming a feather-duster. So he's constantly glued to the little offensive thing.

Granted, I've put my foot down during mealtimes, dates, movies, or basically anything that involves quality time with the family. And he's pretty good about it. It's plugged in on the table by the back door leading to the garage, and whenever we can't find Hubby, we know he's probably back there, frantically texting or emailing.

I bet he'd sleep with it, if I let him.


I gave myself a writing break. I plan on easing into other things, but for now, I'm giving myself a good long break before I begin my edits. Although, I'm antsy to begin them. I really want to get this thing submitted. But I realize that rushing it will resolve in sloppy editing, and I don't want that. So I will probably start this weekend.

That's it for me--weekend was good--now it's time to run around!

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Michelle Miles said...

That race was so incredible. I was so happy for our boys! And yeah, FRA looked completely beaten down. As well they should have. ;)

Does Hubby have carpel tunnel of the thumb yet? haha