Friday, August 22, 2008

Sleep Apnea Sucks.

So, the baby is fine. No more crying over phrases. (See previous post.) I still haven't figured out why he reacted that way.

*Cue Twilight Zone Music...*

ANYWAY, I went ahead and DVR'd an episode of "Little Einsteins" and had him watch it, just to be sure. Nada. The kid was fine. *Cue Twilight Zone Music Again*

So, Hubby and I are having a small "dispute." We recently had a ceiling fan installed in our room, and the only way Hubby can sleep, is if the fan is blowing at top speed. Otherwise he is "too hot" and wants to turn the air down to 72 or some other freezing temperature.

Here's the problem. I cannot sleep in a wind tunnel. I am a back sleeper. I sleep like a laid-out corpse. I always have. My roommates in college called it the "vampire pose." I lay on my back, with my hands neatly crossed on my chest. Don't ask me why. But when I'm NOT pregnant, I sleep like that.
So, with the fan blowing on me, apparently, I've gotten a little "dry" in my throat and started snoring. Yes, it's embarrassing to admit, but with the fan going, I snore. And Hubby is always jabbing me and waking me up, several times a night.

I am always tired now. I figured out its because I'm getting jabbed all night. Hubby is tired too. I told him if he wants me to stop snoring, he has to turn the fan down. But he says he can't sleep if he's too hot. I told him he can't sleep anyway because of my snoring, and he said "It's no big deal, I just jab you."
I said it IS a big deal, because he wakes me up when he jabs me, and three or four times a night equals INTERRUPTED SLEEP. And I am tired all the time. So THIS is what Sleep Apnea must feel like. I feel bad for the Sleep Apnea People. It sucks.

So, we have a problem. I told him I would be happy to sleep in the guest room, and he can be in his violent wind tunnel all night long, but he doesn't want to sleep separately. He told me to just turn over and sleep on my side, so I won't snore. But I don't LIKE sleeping on my side.

What to do, what to do. I had a serious discussion with him this morning about it, and he said he's willing to turn the fan down, as long as he has another fan in the room, blowing on him.

Heck, I'll put FIFTEEN fans and point them all at his head, if it will give me a good night's sleep!

It's Friday again. These weeks are FLYING by. We had another playdate yesterday and I was so tired I just let them watch movies. I am a bad mom. But I'm worth nothing when I get no sleep.

Have a good weekend, all! Sleep lots for me! I'm sure all of you sleep just fine. I'm highly jealous.
And if you see a sleeping woman lying on her back in a "Vampire pose" on the grass during soccer practice tonight...don't worry, that's just me.


Michelle Miles said...

Oof. I hate being tired. It's the worst feeling ever. Hope you get some rest this weekend!

Lowa said...

Girl, you need to read my most recent post. I DO NOT sleep fine and I wish I was only up a few times a night. I was just diagnosed with sleep apnea. "Moderately severe" sleep apnea to be more precise.

Yeah, the fan near him makes a lot more sense. Also, do you honestly feel like 72 is cold!?! We keep it at 70 in our house, and have it set to go down to 65 at night. Otherwise we are all too hot!! Sometimes I feel hot at 70, most times it is just perfect. I can't blame your husband for needing a fan when it is 72! LOL Funny how everyone's internal thermometer is so different.

Hope you get it sorted out!

Aimee said...

I'm convinced that fans blowing on my face will give me Bell's Palsy, that condition where half your face is paralyzed like you've had a stroke. I vote you turn down your air conditioner and pile on the blankets--I like sub zero sleeping temperatures.

Unknown said...

"Heck, I'll put FIFTEEN fans and point them all at his head, if it will give me a good night's sleep!"


Hilarious! But as a man who has been married for a very long time, can't you just pull rank on him? You are the wife in this, right?

Jennifer said...

Love it! I well remember the vampire pose. And speaking of fun memories, I just got back from Nan's a few hours ago. The trampoline is still there! Don't worry, I think it's extra bouncy. I vote no more fan!

Lynn Sinclair said...

I agree with Iowa that 72 is not cold, but I'm completely on your side about the fan. Fans over beds have always made me a bit nervous -- I always imagine it might malfunction, fly off the ceiling, and cut me into little bits.

Hope you get some rest. Don't worry about the fan coming loose -- I'm sure that's never happened.

Ken said...

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