Monday, August 04, 2008


...I tanked.

I only got 1900 words in. 900 words short of my goal. But it wasn't because I got stuck, or blocked, or tired.

My shoulder pain is back. With Interest. I couldn't stand sitting in front of the computer anymore last night. I called it quits. I woke up in the wee hours this morning because my shoulder hurt so much. I had to take one of my big prescription pills. When I finally fell back asleep, Thing One came running down because she'd had a bad dream. UGH. Very tedious.

I'm not used to writing this much. OR I'm sitting wrong in front of the computer. I am averaging about three hours straight a night, to get my word quotas in.

I am frustrated. My good friend Devon said I'd hit a wall, and I did, but I pushed through. That was Saturday. I'm still determined to get my goal in tonight. But I'll have to ice my shoulder and take anti-infammatory meds. But I WILL do it.

Hubby is in New York. We should have a quiet week, though. No sports to go to. I have a feeling we're going to be using the "I'M BORED" jar quite a bit this week....


Michelle Miles said...

Pace yourself and hold on tight. You are so going to finish this book! :)

Anonymous said...

Hot water bottle at night. Valerian root at night.

Yoga stretches for 5 minutes every hour.

Neck rolls -- the neck will go next, once the shoulder goes. Keep it loose!