Monday, August 25, 2008

My Foot and Other Stupid Things...

Status: Barely here. I had insomnia last night! A true case! You know where you just can't turn your brain off, because the things of the day just run and run through it, and you are making plans and mentally going through everything? AAAAACK! That was me last night. I was sneaky and turned the fan way down and everything. But alas, no sleep.

So I'm beginning to wonder if there's actually a true medical term for my achy foot. I think I'll call it "Soccer Mom Foot," because I think that's what I have. Or maybe just plain ole' "Mom-Who-Lives-In-Her-Car-Foot," because my right instep/ball of my foot is bugging me lately...from driving around in my car so much.

It's different from Plantar problems, because my heel is fine. Maybe it's the pedals in my Expedition. They're a tad high, because it's technically a truck, right? So my foot is tired from being lifted up and shifted constantly from brake to pedal, and vice versa. (And yes, I've adjusted them to be as low as possible.) Maybe it's...tendonitis of the foot?

Do race car drivers get this ailment? Do people who have long commutes? I have to wonder. After a long day of running everywhere and taking the kids to everything, my foot is just wonky and sore. You know how tennis players have their dominant arm bigger than the other one? Well, my driving foot is definitely "buff-er" than my left foot. Okay, I know it sounds ridiculous, but it's true. I even use cruise control a lot, to rest my foot, but at the end of the day--ouch. Am I just too tense when I'm driving my car? I wonder if there are there exercises I can do. Hmmm. I think I'll do some Googling today.

Stupid, I know.

Everything is stupid right now. I've had no sleep, so I feel stupid. I have been editing my story and I feel like my story is...stupid. I have a stupid obsession with keeping my kitchen clean right now. The amount of dirty laundry that has multiplied in the laundry room in ONLY THREE FREAKING DAYS is stupid.

It is also quite absurd and stupid, how fast this summer went. My kids are starting school next week, and the amount of money I've had to shill out for their impending school experiences is HIGHLY STUPID. (I bought a flute for Thing One yesterday and my wallet actually started weeping.)

So, hopefully, the rest of the day will be LESS stupid. Wish me luck. Happy Monday, everyone.


Michelle Miles said...

Hm. Driver's Foot. It could be your problems are from driving. I remember when I had a long commute and I drove a stick, my legs were so tired by the end of the day.

Let me know what your Google search reveals. ;) haha

Anonymous said...

You're wearing the wrong shoes for your foot. Take it from a wardrobe pro.

You need to get your foot professionally measured, including the arch. Most of us buy shoes in the wrong size and then wonder why they don't fit.

You also need to make sure you have insoles or arch supports in the shoe that support your foot.