Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pain Sucks.

Well, I finished it. The house was perfect (except for a few closets) as of 10am yesterday. The builder brought all his people through, and he even had a few "thank you" gifts for me. He was very nice, and thanked me for keeping the house up so nicely. Heh heh. It's called PAINT and good old-fashioned ELBOW GREASE.

Or more like shoulder grease. I am going to the Dr. tomorrow morning--my left shoulder hurts so badly I can't do anything with it. It hurts to drive. It hurts to type (I had a horse-sized Ibuprofen pill an hour ago so typing right now is OK) it hurts to lift my arm in any way, and it hurts so badly at night I can't sleep. It even hurts to just let the arm hang down. So, something is clearly up. And the pain is NOT bearable. It really hurts. Hopefully I haven't torn something with all the scrubbing and mopping and lifting and stuff that I did. I am left-handed, so it would make sense. We'll see! Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Hubby is still in Idaho helping out with his mom, which is a 24/7 job. He's just as exhausted as I am. We're a pair, aren't we?

So I've got another story idea percolating in my brain. It's actually a new take on an old idea, and I'm trying to figure out how to make it work. AND I've been wanting to work on my OTHER idea, which I'm struggling with because, once again, I haven't been to South America, and that's where it's set. I have to do massive research.

I love Google. When I make up a word, I Google it and if it doesn't come back with any matches, I always know I made the word up first. (Once or twice I make up a word and someone else has made it up, and that stinks.)

My make-believe Creatures I made up in college are still my own, thankfully. I Googled them the other night, and the only two hits I got were from MY website. So no one else has "made up" that name yet. Warm fuzzies.

Long day today--luckily Thing One's book club is over now, so we just have soccer practices and cub scouts. The tricky part is fitting dinner in during the half hour I have to travel between 6:30 and 7 pm to the church for their activities. And eating dinner beforehand isn't an option--they get tummy aches from all the running around. So, it's basically turned into a "fast food" night, and I hate that. But what can I do? Suggestions?

Well, time to play with the baby with my one good arm. THAT will be interesting...


Michelle Miles said...

You poor thing. I hope everything is okay with your shoulder!

You could always do fast food options at home - frozen pizza and the like. There are those pre-made dinners you throw in a crock pot that could work. Easy Mac, hot dogs (add chili and cheese for chili dogs!), frito pie. That would be quick and easy. Bertolli has some nice pre-packaged dinners you just toss in a skillet. :)

There are pretty much a lot of jungles in South America. The Amazon is a place I've ALWAYS wanted to see. So exotic. Research is cool, eh?

Lara said...

Those are great suggestions, thanks, Mik. The only problem is...they'd have to eat them IN THE CAR.

We don't stop home, so I'd have to bring the food. And they'd have to eat it while I'm driving them to their next destination. I'll be honest--it makes me nervous. My kids are MESSY eaters...


Lowa said...

Goodness, I sure hope that your shoudler feels better soon!

Have you ever just packed some sandwiches and had celery sticks, carrots, bananas or apples and things like that for them to crunch and munch on?? Something light but it is better than nothing and it is not junk from some fast food joint. Some cheese sticks and some crackers or something?? Easy to pack up and then there is something for them to have. Bagels, muffins. Some meat on crackers. My kids love turkey or tuna. You could even make tuna salad and throw it on a piece of toast. Those last few are a tad messy, but I am grasping here:)

Hope this helps!

Aimee said...

Quesadillas made with whole wheat tortillas are pretty low mess when cut into triangles. We're all fans of trail mix (good fiber and protein). If you have cups with lids and straws, smoothies with frozen berries, bananas and yogurt (tastier than any shake) are filling. Go "totally granola" by adding some ground flax or wheat germ to the smoothie. We call them "crumblies" and the kids have no idea how healthy they are.

Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Take it easy for a few days.

Anonymous said...

Hugs on the owie shoulder. No fun at all.

See, just another reason to avoid cleaning.

As far as food on the go: I'm the queen of the Thermos meal--chili, pasta, soups, stews, rice and vege stir fry...pretty much anything that would be considered a one-bowl meal can be served in a Thermos.

We spent YEARS eating in the car because of the kids not having gymnastics at the same time (one was 3:30-6:30, the other 6-9) and having the live in the car every afternoon.

As far as the mess: they each had a "car" towel (a regular bath towel) which had to be draped over them, their lap and the seat before they got any food.