Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is MOMMY'S tub of markers and pencils and crayons. The children are NOT allowed to touch them, use them, or even BREATHE on them.

Harsh, you say? Well, you don't know my kids. I need art stuff for all the song visuals I make to teach songs in Primary on Sundays, and there isn't anything more infuriating, than trying to hunt down at a several places in the house. Or having my crayons lost. Or my colored pencils all dull and needing sharpening...and lost.

So, I have MY art tub, and they have THEIRS. It has finally come to this. So far so good.

I was at the dentist this morning. I'm still numb. Yuck. I guess I need to floss more--I'm a sporadic flosser, and I had two "between the teeth" cavities.

Oh, and I'm officially a Wisconsinite. I mowed my own lawn yesterday, all by myself. I got out the Cub Cadet and went to town, just like the other moms in our neighborhood do. They all mow the lawn. I used to think that was weird. I guess I needed to start thinking like a Wisconsin Person.

Hubby was surprised, but grateful, because otherwise he would have had to mow the lawn in the dark. It was tempting to let him...the mower does have headlights...


Michelle Miles said...

LOL I love your sign!!

Anonymous said...

Love the sign on YOUR art tub.

Soon enough, Thing One will be old enough to mow the lawn...My boys are convinced I had children just so I wouldn't have to mow the lawn, take out the trash or empty the dishwasher.

Today, 13 is actually putting together fliers for a summer lawn-mowing business.

How is your shoulder doing?

wfbdoglover said...

Love your sign! Maybe it is a Wisconsin thing, I love cutting the grass. I also love snow blowing, weeding (we are chemical free) and cutting the grass.

My husband and I "argue" over it. But just for fun!

I would love a rider - but our yard is way to small..

Hope your shoulder is getting better.