Thursday, May 08, 2008


Click here to see the official teaser trailer for "TWILIGHT."

Although I must admit I find it strange to see Edward "fly." Why did the moviemakers decide he would FLY? That's what happens when you make a movie out of a book, right?

*serious rolling of the eyes*

I'm not ashamed to admit I drooled over Rob Pattinson as Cedric Diggory--so we'll see what he does with Edward. Although I wish he'd kept his natural British accent. I could see Edward with that. Or am I crazy?

ANYWAY...I think the baby broke a speed record yesterday. Seriously, he's going to be a race car driver someday...or a track star. I set him down on the floor when we came in from the garage, and by the time I went out to the car to grab a bag of groceries and came back in, he was ACROSS THE HOUSE. Speed demon! I mean, this kid BOOKS when he crawls. Of course he has no desire to even stand up, let alone walk, so we need to work on that. :-(

He's currently in his Playpen, happy as a clam, so I can get this post out.

So the Dr. said it's my rotator cuff. I strained it initially, and now I have Tendonitis in it because I aggravated it with all the cleaning. Sucks to be me right now. She gave me Naproxen, and Vicodin.

I have never really had the hard drugs--and I will only take Vicodin to get through the night. So I took it last night for the first time (whimpering because my shoulder hurrrrrt!) and I was laying in bed, whining, and about 20 minutes later, the pain left my shoulder and I felt like I was floating above the bed, like that chick in The Excorcist. (Don't ask me when I saw that movie, it's way mortifying to admit!) It was a funky feeling. I felt dizzy and floatey, and I was definitely still on the bed.

NO VICODIN DURING THE DAY FOR LARA! Heh heh. The dr. said I could see how it affected me, and I've come to the conclusion that I could sail the car off a cliff and not realize it. So it will be Ibuprofen during the day for moi.

I am getting a little frustrated with the "invitees" of Thing Two's party. Some of them just aren't RSVP'ing. I mean, people, it's a party. It's not that big a deal. Just pick up the phone and say "yes" or "no." It's not that hard. I won't come to your house with a small bunch of villagers with pitchforks and torches, if your son or daughter can't come. I just need a frigging headcount...UGH!

Okay, the pain is making me beotchy. I 'd better go take care of it!


Michelle Miles said...

Poor you. Hope your shoulder gets better soon!

I'm ashamed to admit I couldn't get through Twilight. I started it, but put it down and never picked it back up. However, I've been doing that a lot lately with books. It's like I've lost the interest. :(

wfbdoglover said...

I take Choline Magnesium Trisalicylate Tablets. It is a fancy name for perscription Alive

One tablet is 750 mg's = 4 Alive pills and I'm suppose to take 4 a day.

They give me acid refluct when I take the perscribed 3,000 mg daily and also make me sleepy.

Since I have had 20 years of pain and am looking forward to another 20 more years, I just take these on an "I can not stand the pain anymore" basis or until I get a knee replacement. At 35, I was told I had a 68 year old knee, but to young for a replacement. I am now going to be 41 in July.

BUT I do recommend this as an optional drug. It has been my drug of choice these past 8 months. I slipped in the laundry room and my knee bent places it has never bent before and two weeks on these pills really helped.

As far as the RSVPing. I just don't get it. It is rude and wrong; then there are the people that say they are coming and don't.

I just do not socialize anymore because of it. My son't birthday party this year was three friends and a sibiling. It was a trip to Discovery World, home for play time and dinner - more playtime and cake and they went home after 7 hours. It was the least stressful birthday party of my life and was great!!

It is unfortunate, and I'm sorry you are not getting your RSVP's. I've found with people you need to give a deadline.. so maybe call and say if I don't year back from you by this day, I will have to turn in our numbers to the facility and I can not make changes after that. We would really love for little suzie to be able to join us.

Hope this helps....

wfbdoglover said...

BTW.... you've been tagged....

Anonymous said...

Wedding RSVP's have been a nightmare...*shudder*. I'm sorry bout your shoulder! And yes...drool is an appropriate term.

Anonymous said...

Hugs on the shoulder.


If you need the Vicodin during the day, try half a dose. But don't drive!

Cedric as Edward? ::swoon::

Butthead hard is it to RSVP? We've started sending e-mail invitations, so all they have to do is REPLY! Get a better response rate because they can yes or no right then.

Anonymous said...

After 2 days, the Vicodin stops working (even if you hardly ever take it) and you have to up the dose.

When i tore my rotator cuff, after the first two days, I switched to the herb Valerian root before I went to sleep, and it worked better AND I didn't feel like I was having an out of body experience.

I took a controlled dose during the day because, at the time, I didn't have to drive, and a more intense dose at night. It's a muscle relaxer and sleep inducer.

And you don't wake up feeling drowsy.

I don't know if you're on anything else, but see if you can add valerian into the mix.

When my mom tore her rotator cuff, they told her if she took over the counter main meds, she had to mix and match them or they'd stop working -- i.e. one Tylenol and one alleve, then the next day an Advil and a something, and so on.

I don't like mixing meds, so we didn't do too much of that. I do, however, when I'm in severe pain, switch on a daily basis between Advil, Excedrin, and Tylenol. All Alleve does is give me a sour stomach.

Feel better soon.

And your builder better be paying your medical bills, because he should have brought in a maid service since it was all for him.