Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, today is already shaping up to be...lovely.

I just got back from the Dr--I have a sinus infection and it's affected one of my eyes. It looks like I have pinkeye...but I don't. But she gave me antibiotics and drops...just in case. FUN.

I didn't get much sleep, because I had a gunky eye and it was bugging me. So I'm tired. I stayed up until midnight writing, anyway, because I'm on a roll with my story.

I'm just stuck on some geography. BIG TIME stuck. It's all supposition, and I'm looking at maps of "supposed" locations for this lost city, and some people say it's in Mexico, some in Guatemala, and some in North America. I'm leaning towards Mexico, because it fits the story better. But hey, it's MY fiction story, so I can "suppose" all I want, right? ;-)

Okay, here's a funny for you. I forgot about it until I saw the poem again as I was cleaning out the kids cubbies for school.

Let me just say that I am a very sarcastic person. (I'm sure you haven't guessed that.) See? I can't help it. Sarcasm is just my personality. And my kids are sarcastic, because of it. ESPECIALLY Thing Two, who just turned nine. He is my little walking Thesaurus, whose vocabulary is way advanced for a third grader. Sometimes he sounds like a talking robot. But I think a wide vocabulary is a good thing. But sarcasm coming from a nine-year old? Not such a good thing. He's sarcastic to a fault. An example:

Me: Did you clean you room, Thing Two?

Thing Two: No. I just pitched everything out the window.

We had a little "discussion" last month about his sarcasm. I told him it wasn't polite to be sarcastic to people. He asked me what sarcasm was, so I told him. He found the concept very interesting, now that he had a "label" for his brand of humor.

Cut to the Mother's Day Tea at the school. All the kids in Thing Two's class had written poems for their mothers, and they were encouraged to read them in front of the whole class of moms and kids. Thing Two proudly rose and recited the following, which he'd written by himself:

A great cook
Very Clean and Organized
The Best Mom there Ever Was

I was tickled and all warm-fuzzied out, of course, until he sat down, and amidst all the clapping, leaned over and whispered to me:

"You know that last part, about you being 'very clean and organized?' That was sarcasm. Do you think they got it? I thought it was pretty funny."

Yeah. It made my day.


Lowa said...

Whoa, sounds like you have a Cryptic on your hands! LOL That was GREAT!

I am very sarcastic also. Takes some people a while to get used to me and I have freaked some people's kids out when we first meet and they don't get it since they are not used to it.

I feel bad though, cause even though I have explained multiple times to my kids how inappropriate it can be, they are in the habit (like I am) and people sometimes view them as rude or disrespectful. Advanced and more mature than most kids their age, but rude and disrespectful none the less.

Doesn't sound like your Thing Two is doing that...yet:)

wfbdoglover said...


This by far is your funniest blog yet! I love the ending and I love scarcasm!

Anonymous said...

With sarcasm heavy on both sides of the family, you're doomed! lol

However, with sarcasm and dry humor with my future "things", I'm so doomed! :D


Michelle Miles said...

LOL!!!! Aw let him be sarcastic. He'll get along better in the world if he is. hahaha

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!