Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vampire Baby.

I'm going to see the Dr. today. Last night the "demon voices" were sounding in my lungs again when I was breathing. It wasn't fun trying to fall asleep. So, I suppose it's time to get antibiotics. And it's making me GRUMPY.

I'm getting back into the grind of things, more or less. I suspect Hubby spoiled the baby while I was gone, because the baby seems to "expect" certain things of me now. For instance, he expects me to share anything I'm eating with him. Um, NO WAY. I'm sick. He also expects me to pick him up if he whimpers. He never whimpered before. Sorry on that one, too. But my favorite: he says "PIZZA!" if you have pizza and he wants it. Lots of it. BAD. Nice one, Hubby. Like I want to change a poopy diaper after he's eaten THAT crap.

And yesterday, he bit me. Hard. I have two puncture marks where he broke the skin, and he bit me through a shirt. I was completely taken by surprise. I was sorting the clean laundry into piles, and he was crawling around, and pulling the clothes and tossing them over his head and making a mess of the piles. And even though I finally firmly told him "no," he kept at it. So I blocked his way, and he got really frustrated, and buried his face in the back of my arm, to try and push through. I was playing with him, and suddenly, I get this searing pain in my arm. I realized what he'd done, and I pulled him off me and looked him in the face and said firmly "NO, don't bite!" He looked at me, his lip started quivering and his eyes teared up, and he let out a long wail and pushed away from me. So I set him down and let him wail, and he finally crawled back up and snuggled on my lap and I held him.

When my kids bit me, they were, well, more like TWO years old. So I bit them back. Not super hard, but enough for them to understand that biting hurts others and they shouldn't do it.

I wasn't about to "bite back" my twelve-month old. He wouldn't have understood. So, it broke my heart, but I told him no and wouldn't comfort him when he got upset over it. It was one of the hardest things I've had to do for him. He's just so cute, you know? But he CANNOT bite people.

Granted, he has molars coming in (thank HEAVEN one finally broke through last night) and frankly, I am wondering if the bite was even malicious at all, since he chews his blanket like there's no tomorrow, and has to be biting everything that is inanimate, but it really shocked me.

Thing One's first Fastpitch game is tonight. And she's sick like me. I may have her just sit it out. I'll call the coach and tell him. That will be fun. At least it's not an "official" game--just with the other team they split the team into. Team 1 vs Team 2. We'll see.

Now it's time to eat my breakfast!


Anonymous said...

Feel better soon! And good for you, setting firm boundaries. It's hard when they're cute, but that's really when you have to hold the line and not let them get away with it.

Lynn Sinclair said...

The baby might be peeved that you were gone for a few days.

Michelle Miles said...

You did the right thing. It's hard to discipline them, though, when they are so darn cute.

Hope you feel better soon!!