Friday, May 02, 2008


Status: Feeling very awake. Of course the two Cherry Coke Zeros I chugged after breakfast might have something to do with it...

I know I'm working too hard/moving too fast/not getting enough sleep when I have to use drugs to keep me awake. No, not the bad drugs. Just caffiene. I'm usually not a caffeine person. It makes me jittery and sweaty and...giggly. And I still have crystal clear memories of the one time I OD'd on No Doz during a road trip (eleven years ago) and I was SICK. Yuck.

So, I'm usually light on the caffeine. Heh heh. Not today. I'm in POWER MODE. I have been neglecting important things in leiu of cleaning. I want my house to SHINE. Even the closets. And I will kill myself to do it. I'm on a MISSION.

Then, afterwards, I can fall apart and relax and neglect the laundry for another two weeks. My kids have enough socks. They'll make it through. ;-)

So, the baby's new "obsession" is the word "Ball." Well, he's obsessed with them. Anything spherical in shape, is a treat. He wakes up in the morning, and I pick him up out of his crib and the first word out of his mouth is "Ball?" We go downstairs and he'll see the Bosu and stability balls in our workout room (those send him into fits of joy) and he gets very excited. Actually, any time he sees a ball he has to have it. He has to hold it. He has to eat it.

He's SO funny! Soccer balls are his favorite (I suspect the black and white contrast make them appealing) but I don't like it when he wants to chew on them. Yuck. Softballs, baseballs, bouncy balls, tennis balls, you name it. He's OBSESSED.


It's too cute. But the BEST was when he pointed to a very pregnant woman in our church on Sunday and said "BALL!"


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Anonymous said...

Too cute! And when he's about ten and older, and in a really crappy mood, you'll be able to look at him and say something silly and work in the word "Balls" and he'll giggle. Or if he's an older teen, roll his eyes and smile.

Really. It's almost a Pavlovian response.

My mom the middle school teacher taught me that. And when their dirty minds go to, well, you know, you just say, What? I was talking about TENNIS balls. What were you talking about?