Friday, May 09, 2008

Break the Mold! Break the Mold!!!

Status: Feeling...dare I say it...better? I don't feel like I'm having labor pains in my shoulder. That's good, folks. Very good. So I'm nervous about the new Indiana Jones movie--since I've talked about it this week. I just saw a trailer on TV last night, and frankly, I'm worried. It appears to me, and maybe it's just me, but it seems the movie is going to follow the typical mold (or modus operandi if you will) of MOST movies--where they find the lost city/ruins/way cool artifact/treasure/etc. and in the end, it GETS DESTROYED.

I've even got evidence to back this up. Hollywood LOVES this plot line. (Warning, the following is full of massive movie spoilers!!!)

Think about it. In the movie "Congo," they discover the coolest Lost City--the city of Zinj, which contains the lost diamond mine of King Solomon. Diamonds the size of my fist are just LYING AROUND--and the whole thing gets destroyed in the end by a volcano. Poof.

In the movie "Tomb Raider"--everything Lara Croft discovers gets destroyed somehow by cave-in or natural disaster...

In "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"--the awesome place where the Holy Grail was kept gets destroyed because some dumba** takes the Grail past the Great Seal or whatever. Poof.

In the Mummy Returns--the ancient Oasis where the Scorpion King resides gets sucked into some otherworldly vortex of...grass... and you guessed it...Poof.

In National Treasure Book of Secrets--Cibola gets flooded.

Notice a pattern here? They always discover these SUPER cool ruins or lost cities, and they ALWAYS GET DESTROYED IN THE END!!!

Does this seem fair? I can only hope when Indy and his mates discover the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull they don't have some earthquake/volcano/storm/wrath of God natural disaster/Cyclone/etc. mess up the whole thing. That always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Or am I nuts?

I hope Hollywood breaks the mold on this. I guess we'll all see next weekend!

Things Two and Four have their birthdays tomorrow. Yes, they were born on the same day, eight years apart. What are the odds? ;-)

Also, I got tagged by Doglover--so I'll put that in Monday's post. Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

At the end of National Treasure 2....weren't they in there excavating? Remember the end, where Mom is bossing around a worker and Dad comments, "you should have seen her when we picked out a couch?" I didn't consider that a "destruction ending."

Lara Croft was just careless. ;)

If we weren't so dang busy this weekend, we'd have time to go see this. But Iron Man is first. I'm hoping they both come to the drive in so we can watch them together!

I'll be interested to hear your report after you see it. (BTW, I tried to get husband to buy some of the Indiana Jones cereal last night. He refused and bought strawberry soya ice cream instead. How is that the same?)

Anonymous said...

Happy (early) Birthday to Things Two & Four.

Michelle Miles said...

In Last Crusade - that was Elsa who walked over the seal because she got greedy. Indy and Dad were happy to leave it there. If it hadn't been for her...

I'm sure they'll destory it, but maybe in the trailer it's just a booby trap that's crumbing or something... (Yes, I've analyzed the trailer as well!)

Michelle Miles said...

Oh and PS - Amy is right, I think. They were excavating that place after the great flood.

Lara said...


I had to leave the theatre after the "drowning" scene, in B of Secrets, because I had a crying baby! Hooray! I didn't know it was "saved!"

wfbdoglover said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to the children, I wanted to tell you how much I love what you call them - Thing One, Two, Three and Four. Very clever!!

I have decided mine will be called little bird from now on.

I haven't seen National Treasure 2 yet - but looking forward to it, as well as the Indiana Jones movie. Now that you mention it, everything did get destroyed.. hummm....

Anonymous said...

Yeah. These wonderful places survived thousands of years and then are destroyed because of "our hero".

Sick of it.

That's why, in TRACKING MEDUSA, I had the people destroyed, but not the place! ;)

Lynn Sinclair said...

I'm just glad Indy wasn't destroyed. Love him.