Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Innocent Video Games...*sigh*

Yes, believe it or not, there WERE some, not long ago. Remember the NES systems from the 80's?

I've provided a pic to jog your memory. Made by Nintendo, these things are DINOSAURS. I say that because they were made in the mid-eighties and thanks to the magic of Ebay, I was able to purchase one a few years ago with the controllers and gun, PLUS all the games we played as kids. All I had to do was put in a new 72-pin, and it works like a dream. TOTAL DINOSAUR, but they don't make em' like this anymore.

So, which games did we have as kids? Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt (I thought it was SO cool you could point a gun at the TV screen and shoot ducks and clay pots!) Super Mario Brothers II and II, Paperboy, and Simon's Quest.

They were all so...innocent. The graphics were rudimentary at best, but you know what? We loved them. We were SO over the Atari. The Nintendo NES was The Bomb.

So, now I have the NES system hooked up to the TV in the guest room, and my kids love to play it. And frankly, it's a lot better than some of the crap they play on Wii, or their DS's. Cartoon violence? Nope. Rated E for everyone? These didn't need ratings. They're...innocent games.

I still play Simon's Quest with my sons. It's amazing--the music, the different towns and mansions, the "nightime curse"--pure genius. I even giggle a little still whenever we now "PROSESS" Dracula's eyeball, or rib, or whatever random body part we're collecting. :-D (Any of you who have played this game will know what I'm talking about--it's a typo in the game's design)

*Sigh* I miss those days. Another example: my daughter, who is in 4th grade, dresses like a teenager. Granted, she dresses modestly, but she's always worried about "matching" and which shoes go with what outfit, and if she looks "dumb" etc. etc.

In 8th grade I had a purple sweater with a big pink heart knit into the front. And I thought I was cool. I wore high-top white tennis shoes. I had feathered short hair. EGADS!!!

My fourth grader wouldn't be caught dead in anything like that.

Like I said, I miss the 80's. Kids stayed "kids" longer. Now, they're expected to be mini-adults at an early age.

Maybe I'm reminiscing more because I'm about to have a birthday. I don't know. But man, times sure have changed! I see older people walking around shaking their heads, and I used to shake my head at THEM. Now I'm shaking my head too.

Wow, is it Wednesday already? This week is flying. I'm excited because there are NO sports tonight. There probably wouldn't be any anyway--it's pouring outside.

Have a happy Wednesday!


Aimee said...

I think I had that same pink heart sweater? Anyway, when my kids start making fun of the clothes I wore, I say "Ahem. Excuse me. I was at the height of fashion." Plaid red pants with a brocade vest, lace gloves, pearl earrings and a hat? Very Molly Ringwold. Fifty plastic bracelets, stirrup pants, ankle boots and a lace hair bow? So Madonna. Teal green eye shadow with royal blue mascara and eyeliner...hey, I am a total product of the 80s and proud of it! I think it is cool to have come from the worst dress decade of the last century. We should own up to our metallic prom dresses with the big bows and puffy sleeves. And when my kids look back on their own photos and think, "ugh, why was I wearing that?" I'll repeat the words, "Hey, you were at the height of fashion!"

Michelle Miles said...

It's pour here, too.

Ahh... the 80s. Yes, I remember the Nintendo! I had a Sega, though, and I LOVED playing Sonic. I could get to level 20 and that was about it. hehe

In the 80s, I had "Willie Scott" hair and her pj's from Temple of Doom. I had high top tennis shoes, too, and Kepas. Remember those? They were these weird shoes with two laces. I bought my first CD in 1988 and had a "boom box" to play it on. (Incidentally, it was Van Halen haha). I wore the lace Madonna glove and hot pink spandex. EGADS.

We may be getting older, but you know what? I wouldn't be under 25 for ANYTHING. Besides, I'm going to be 35 forever. hehehe

Anonymous said...

I never played video games (still don't), so it was like reading another language.

But I often think we were last ones who were allowed to really have a childhood and have FUN.

Unknown said...

I still have my NES that I bought when I was TEN. Still works like a champ, too. I love that thing. I'll never let it go.

Glad your kids get to enjoy it! It's becoming a lost art!

Anonymous said...

LOL on the NES. We had an Atari. Never got the NES. I was never much into video games, though, so I didn't care. Can't remember what my brother had as a kid (10 years younger) because I was already out of the house when he moved into his electronics phase.

My kids are total Nintendo junkies, though. I do monitor what they play (13 is irritated I won't let him play T, hello? 9 is not a T, I don't want them here). The only thing I've been able to do on Wii so far is the Bowling and Tennis.