Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stuck at Home...

Brrrrrr! It's COLD outside! I was stressed most of yesterday because the Tree People came to prune my 75-year old White Oaks that frame my driveway, and although they had harnesses and a Cherry Picker, they STILL climbed into the topmost branches of the trees to whack them off, (we're talking WAYYYY up there) and I could just see them catching a bad limb and falling to their deaths. (Not to mention that it was only about 15 degrees outside the whole SIX hours they were there, and I was worried they'd fall because they were frozen!)

No one died, no one fell, but they sure whacked the crap out of one of my trees. The builder chose this lot because of the trees, but then he proceeded to pour a gigantic long driveway between them, cutting into some of the root structure, and stressing them. At this point the Tree Doctors gave them a 60% chance, as long as we follow a rigorous schedule of fertilization, pruning and TLC. I mean, these trees are BIG. The cost of saving them I'm sure would be nothing compared to the cost of replacing them.

But since I had tree limbs scattered all over my driveway most of the day, I couldn't go anywhere, so I was home bound. I outlined in completion a novel idea that has been bouncing around in my head, then spent hours poring over tax stuff and getting the files prepared for our accountant, and can I just say when you own two homes (and switch jobs mid-year) things can get...a tad complicated?

And no, we still haven't sold our house in Denver. We've been getting a showing every other day, but no biters. I think the three feet of snow might be a deterrent...just a guess. Our realtor says he's cancelling his gym membership--he's getting all the workouts he needs shoveling our driveway every week. :-)

I have to work today. My heart isn't in it. I have an ultrasound tomorrow (they saw something that worried them at my last one so we're checking it out again) and I get to drink the dreaded 24 oz of water an hour before. FUN. CARTWHEEL-TURNING FUN. WOO HOO.

YIKES! The bus is coming! Gotta get the kids going!


Michelle Miles said...

I'm thinking of you - let me know how it goes tomorrow. :)

Ann said...

Be thinking of you, and let us know how it goes (guess I'm echoing Michelle here).