Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh How Embarrassing...

Yesterday was interesting, and that's just about all I want to say about it.
Okay, well, maybe I'll tell a teeny part of it:

I worked 8-12, and believe me, I was running the whole time. I was the only one answering calls for all four departments (and I swear the next person who called me up and begged me to search for their size on the CLEARANCE racks I was going to hang up on them) and we were doing floor sets, because after all, it's after the Holidays, and now we're thinking Spring.

Anyway, I was dragging by the end of my shift, so I got my coat and handbag, and walked out to the parking lot. Well, it's been very windy as of late, and of course I have all sorts of receipts crammed into my handbag, and lo and behold, the wind got one of them and it blew out of my bag. I realized it was a very important receipt, and screamed as I watched it fly away from me at lightning speed. Instinct kicked in. I started running.

(now, picture in your mind a five-foot-ten woman with a large belly, sprinting after a receipt while wearing Born clogs, and you'll at least get a chuckle.) In my defense, I've been wearing my Borns and Clarks to work, because frankly, work shoes are uncomfortable these days.

So I get to the receipt, and try to bend down, and GUESS what happens? It blows away again. So I ran after it again, and just as I was about to get my foot on it THE DAMN THING BLOWS AWAY AGAIN.

I was getting fairly pissed off at this point...I'm sure I looked like I was filming a comedy or something, and I chased that little !#$%^&**!! piece of paper until I finally, FINALLY stomped on it at the very EDGE of the parking lot, almost to the street.

And yes, it was a dry cleaning receipt, the kind that has the ENTIRE checkcard account number printed on it. WHEW.

I picked it up, stuffed it into my bag, and ZIPPED IT. Now adrenalin left me and I had to hobble back to my car at the other end of the parking lot, and of course there was this pair of old ladies, (who had witnessed the entire thing) cheering and clapping for me. I took a little sarcastic bow, and climbed up into my car.

I wanted to die. But by the time I got home, I felt better.

So anyway, I am sore this morning because frankly, I haven't sprinted like that in a few months (for obvious reasons) and I am glad because I don't work until the middle of next week. AH!

And the Movie Theater guys are coming at 8am to finish what they started yesterday, we are going to have a FUN weekend in our new room!

So have a happy weekend, all, and try not to laugh too hard at the mental pic I just provided.



Michelle Miles said...

Oh you poor thing!! At least you caught the little bugger, though. Right?

Michelle Miles said...

oh PS enjoy your theater! (I still want to see RAIDERS on it haha)

Anonymous said...

I can just picture this - poor you!

Lowa said...

I guess I forgot that you are that height. I am not even 5 foot 2, and I have fairly good sized babies. So they were really squished in there. My one son (the biggest) had his feet in my ribs and almost coming out my throat it seemed, the last three months of my pregnancy with him!

Your kids have room to grow, that is nice:)

Good for you, being determined. I would have let it go, I think. I just go to the cleaners, tell them our last name, and they have no trouble getting my things for me. I throw the receipts away as soon as they give them to me, just something else to junk up my purse of coat pockets.

Lowa said...

OR coat pockets.

OR. Not of!