Friday, January 19, 2007

Stephen King Dreams.

Okay, I'm SERIOUSLY hoping Blogger gets their act together soon--now that I've switched from the old version (how could I not? They basically used every tactic but hit the button themselves to get me to do it) I really, REALLY don't like having to sign in twice, just to post. It's very annoying. End Rant.

Okay, I read a lot of Stephen King when I was younger (high school) and so I can accurately describe my dreams last night. The one I remember the most: I was stuck with a few other random people (no one I knew, isn't that weird) in an old, empty Stephen King-esque hotel (a big one) and there were these people-creatures who had vacuums for eyes and they would crawl around on all fours with their heads to the floor, vacuuming around for their prey. We were running away from them, but they inevitably "got" some people and you could hear the screams over the vacuum noises. I never actually saw what was happening to them, but I'm sure it wasn't pretty.
There was this random guy in a suit who told me he'd figured a way to thwart them, if they came into the room, to act like a piece of furniture and they wouldn't know you were there. They only know you're real if you MOVE while they're vacuuming you. (OK, I know, but remember, this was a DREAM)

So we're in a room and one of them bursts in, and I jumped up on a ledge and hid behind a corner, perfectly safe. He acted like he was a chair and I watched in horror as the vacuum-for-eyes-creature vacuumed right over him, nearly sucking in his tie. It kept going and finally left the room, and we both collapsed with relief.

At this point the dream must have ended because I woke up with a pain in my hip and had to turn over on my other side. I wake up and do that a lot because the baby is getting heavy.

So, I'm not sure how to interpret THAT dream (care to chance it, anyone?) but I will chalk it up to pregnancy. Being pregnant usually means weird dreams.

And now that I've "shared" it's time to get in the shower. Another long shift today. I can't handle much more of these. Of course, if I didn't have a bowling ball sewn into my belly, standing up the whole time wouldn't bug me at all! :-)

They're tearing down our local movie theater next week, so we're going to catch our last movie in it this weekend. Personally, I don't want to see either Arthur and the Invisibles or Happily N'er After, but we don't have much of a choice. But hey, it's something to do.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


Lowa said...

whoa!!! I remember those pregnancy dreams. One of the first, with my first, still freaks me out. It involved a girl at a mall with small purple cactuses for hair, and bowling with dwarves instead of bowling balls.

Hope you sleep better soon!!! When will you quit your job?? Shouldn't you start and take it easy??

Oh, I saw Happy N'Ever After.

Not so good.

Keep in mind I will watch almost anything. Just an FYI. Bring yer pillow, but don't snore too loud:) has it's ok points and I like some of the ideas but...I dunno. Maybe I was just in a mood. I think your boys may like it more than Thing One, but I could be wrong.

Michelle Miles said...

That dream is freaky. I'm sure it's due to the hormones, but WOAH.

Hey, I heard that Happily N'ever After was awful. I hope you stay away from that. :/

Lowa said...

We went to see "Arthur and the Invisibles" yesterday.

It was GREAT in ways, not so great in others and certasinly different. My younger two kids LOVED it!