Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Snowman Kit

Okay. We got five inches of snow. Hooray! (*Lara smacks head*) Okay, what am I saying??? BOOO. I hate being out in snow. I have gone temporarily crazy.

ANYWAY...the kids got a "snowman kit" from the grandparents for Christmas, and they were VERY excited. It included a fake carrot for the nose, a red and white striped scarf and hat, and "coal" buttons for the eyes and mouth.

Only one problem: NO SNOW. In fact, it was so warm, we planted TULIPS Christmas weekend, Grandma and I. I mean, we're talking it was 50 degrees outside! So the Snowman Kit sat. And waited. And waited. And waited.

So yesterday I am figuring we'd better make use of it while we have the snow, and I go to the drawer I put it in, and it's gone.
"Where's the snowman kit?" I ask. Thing Two volunteers that he took it out to "admire" it. But then apparently Thing Three got a hold of it and lost all the pieces, while pretending he was a "snowman."

I think the Evil House Brownies (patron devils of Lost Socks In The Dryer and Mom's Misplaced Scissors) took it. And they're holding it for ransom, because all we found of it was the carrot nose, in Thing Three's toybox.

REST IN PEACE, Snowman Kit. Dang Evil House Brownies! They're probably giggling in their little lair, as I write this.

No work today, but I have enough errands to run to make up for it. And it's a whopping TEN degrees outside. Hubby called from the car this morning to inform me of that. So that means with windchill, we're probably minus. Woo hoo. How joyous.

Time to formulate the Errand Running Action Plan...have a good Tuesday, all!

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Michelle Miles said...

LOL poor snowman kit...