Monday, January 08, 2007

Hiccups? Hiccoughs?

Well, however you say em', the baby has had them, in spades lately. I mean, I've got one hungry little bugger in there. A teeny Hoover Vacuum, if you will. He's getting big enough to where I can basically feel his every move, and it's weird. I mean, yes, this IS the fourth time around, but having a little alien inside you (who at times feels like he is going to break free and escape) is disconcerting, until you get used to it.

Had a lovely weekend. The movie theatre guys are here today, again (yes, wiring, lots of wiring) but everything is in place and in a few hours he's going to show me how to work the remote (a bloody complicated thing with more buttons than this computer AND and LCD screen on it) and I told him I am a total luddite so to make it as simple as possible, sil vous plait.

The pool table guys are here too, building the pool table in the basement so it's sort of a madhouse. I guess you could say Hubby and I got antsy to get the basement done, once it got all cleaned up and unpacked. :-)

On the Writing front (oh my gosh how long has it been since I've mentioned it!) I have been doing some heavy editing. The novel I wrote in First Person is going to be now in Third Person so you can get into the OTHER character's heads, since this was a common complaint among editors. So, I am working diligently on it and writing another novel in between, and I'm REALLY excited to be "back in the Writing Saddle" once more.

Hubby leaves for New York today and so the kids and I will have "movie night" alone tonight, but this way I can get everything together for when he gets home. My movie posters arrived so now I am going to head to Michael's to get them framed for the Theater Room. I'm excited to have this project, because taking down the Christmas stuff this week will be DANG depressing.

Okay I've rambled long enough. And guess what? Baby has Hiccups (hiccoughs?) again!


Lowa said...

All four of my kids had hiccups EVERY NIGHT for three or four hours straight from about month five on. ALL FOUR OF THEM. It felt horrible.

Once they were born, same thing. EVERY night from about 6-9, the poor things hiccuped (sp??) for hours. Finally by the time they were three or four months, we all got a break from it.

That is exciting about your basement getting put together. What is on tap for you and the kids to watch tonight??

Lara said...

Tonight will be Harry Potter--but the boys are leaning toward Jimmy Neutron, so we'll see! ;-)

Michelle Miles said...

Are you starving that baby?? :)

It is nice to get back to writing, isn't it? It feels good. GO US!

And enjoy your movie.