Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Finally! A Trendsetter!

Thing One begged me this morning to do her hair a certain way. I asked her why (I've only done it that way two or three times in the past) and her answer:

"Because I haven't seen any of the girls do their hair that way at school, and I want to try something different."

BRAVO Thing One! She's nine, and usually suffering from Herded Sheep Syndrome. She has to have the same things the other girls have (although I'm proud to report that since Dad is in the Fashion Industry, she's "started" a few trends at school) and frankly, any sort of difference is "not cool."

So I did her hair the way she wanted it, Princess Leia style. (I put it into two high ponytails, braid them, and coil them around into rolls, and bobby-pin them to death.) The end result is she looks like Minnie Mouse, but she liked it and it's different and Hooray for her.

OMHeck I have so much to do today. Nothing like a day off of work to run around doing all the things you couldn't do because you are working. I need to get an early start.

Watched a GREAT Aussie Open Tennis match (Williams v. Peer) last night, but was so sleepy I couldn't keep my eyes open. Although I had to laugh at the way pro tennis players make noise when they get really tired.
Sharapova is the be-all-end-all for game noise, but Serena and the Peer girl were REALLY going at it last night. Serena screamed with her strokes: "AAAARRRRRGGGGHH! and Peer made a noise like "Oooo-MA!" So the last hour of the match went like so:


(repeat 10000000 times, ad nauseum)

And yes, I am very easily entertained. Well, the bus is coming! Time to pack the kids off!

It was pretty dang funny. I wonder, do they KNOW they're making those absurd noises?

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Lowa said...

That is SO COOL about Thing One and her hair. I LOVE IT!!