Thursday, January 18, 2007


I've made THE DISCOVERY of discoveries...the Pregnancy Belly Strap. (I was calling it the Pregnancy Jock Strap but Hubby thought that was crass).

It's this nifty little...well, not really little... but nifty anyway--thingy ma jig that you strap under your bourgeoning belly and around your lower back that gives you lots of support. I bought it at Babies R Us a while back, but I haven't gotten around to using it because until now my belly wasn't "big" enough.

I worked a seven hour shift yesterday, ON MY FEET, and let's just say I was not doing well afterI got home. I was hobbling like an old lady. So I decided to strap it on. It was a bit complicated: first you put this wide strap around your lower belly and secure it in the back, then you take this other piece and put it behind your lower back and velcro it tightly to the sides of the previous strap, and THEN you secure this little strap over the top of your belly.

It took me a few tries to get it right, but I did it and it looks like this:

Anyway it was VERY comfortable (no, that is not me in the pic) and I suddenly felt much lighter. Practically NON-pregnant almost. It was amazing. I felt like a new person. This little cloth and velcro contraption is the HOLY GRAIL of pregnancy straps, as far as I'm concerned! Woo HOO!

...I just discovered that I can't really sit down in it, though. Because when I do, it sucks the baby in and makes him REALLY mad, he kicks against it and basically squirms until I stand up again. But I fully intend to wear it to work from now on. Because it's thin enough that you can't see it under your clothes.

...Although there is another small problem. You can't really go to the bathroom in it...I haven't figured out how yet...

We got another inch of snow yesterday. I'm not thrilled, but at least we're not in Denver. Friends of ours sent us picks and I swear the snow is the deepest I've ever seen it! We're talking SOUTH POLE deep!

Oh, and in other news, I think I got scammed. The company I ordered my Popcorn Machine from hasn't delivered it, they won't answer my emails and when I call their company I get routed through Siberia and end up in a mailbox that is "full." So I did some online research and realized that the website had HORRIBLE reviews. So I emailed them, cancelled my order, and I'm disputing it with my credit card company. Because I've given them plenty of time to respond and they won't. AND I'm going to report them to the BBB, if I don't hear from them at all. DO NOT EVER SHOP AT "!!!" They are a scam!!! I just wish I had done my homework on them. They seemed so professional and ...legitimate. Lesson Learned.

Yikes! Time for the School bus! Happy Thursday, all!

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