Friday, June 10, 2005

Oh NO They Didn’t! (Yes they did!)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, and certainly not desirable, as one's hat keeps blowing off."—Woody Allen

Okay, this is too funny. Don’t you love it when people actually DO what you only "think of doing" in your head? Let’s hear it for this brave (OR abysmally stupid/bored/needing to get a life) person!
Click here to see what I’m talking about. From what I understand, this website is starting to take off in the “gaining in publicity” department. I’ll do my part to help it along, because after all, I suspected something was amok and afoul all along between these two…at least on HIS part...but I digress…

Eeked out 1200 words on the novel yesterday. Go me. I am brilliant. Actually, I have a lot of sentences that go like this:

Oh, my dear girl, my favorite city in Egypt is (insert some Egyptian city here). The (insert random observation about said city here) and the way the (insert more random observations about said city here). Would you like to go for a stroll down by the duck pond?”

When I really just want to get the story out, I write the bare bones of it, and go back and add the details. That way, the “story” part of it gets written. Then I can go back and spackle and fill in holes with authentic details. This way, I'm freed up to just go go go on the story.
I’m feeling like a WRITER again! Hooray!

Kids’ last day of school is today. I did something very, very naughty. I didn’t get gifts for the teachers. Yes, I know, but my kids made cards for them and it was all good. I didn’t feel like doing the Extravagant Gift thing this year. Does that make me a bad person?

I had a weird episode with Thing One last night. She has been staying up late (talking to her brothers) at night, and waking up early, and she’s been having playdates and soccer practice and school functions, (they always crowd everything in at the end of the year) and frankly, I think she’s tired out of her wits. She's been on power overdrive all this week, and she finally snapped, I think.
The reason I suspect this is because last night, she burst into tears when I told her what we were having for dinner (she wanted something else), and then when I told her she couldn’t go play with her friend across the street because it was time for dinner, she started literally sobbing.She was a mess all through dinner, whining and crying because she was upset we weren’t going to have dessert (we’ve had it the last three nights straight) and then she started bawling when I only had a game of Catch with her out in the backyard for 20 minutes afterward. (she wanted to go longer, but the mosquitoes were eating us alive).

Finally, exasperated to the bone and realizing that she was probably tireder than Snot, (and yes, I know "tireder" isn't a word) I told her she was going to bed at 8pm, and that REALLY sent her over the edge.
At 8, I got her into bed and she sobbed through her prayers, sobbed when I left, and sobbed for a total of about two minutes because when I went back in to ask her if she wanted a drink of water, she was OUT COLD. Just like that. Poor thing. I think she’s finally burned out. She is such a busy little girl, and she has been running all week.
When I put the boys to bed at 9pm, she hadn’t even moved. Hopefully I’ll be able to wake her up this morning. I’ll let her sleep as late as I possibly can. Poor tired Thing One!

Hubby comes home from New York today. I am looking forward to the weekend. We'll all be together. And the weather is supposed to be beautiful!
Have a good & safe weekend, everyone!
Catch you on Monday.

--post script--okay, okay, I folded on the teacher gifts thing. Luckily I have lots of cards ready made, and I buy lots of stationery, journals, candles, etc. and never use them. So I packed a few things in bags for the teachers. I am such a dork!!!

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