Thursday, June 30, 2005

I Am a Writer!!!

Quote of the Day: I try to take one day at a time -- but sometimes several days attack me at once.

I don't know what happened yesterday, I sat down and read the first chapter of my middle-grade novel, and just started typing. Finally at midnight I got too tired to write and realized that I'd cranked out nearly 3000 words. Wow! I changed my little word counter, on which I've happily broken the 5000 word barrier! I really got lost in the story, and remembered how fun it was to be 14, (only I didn't have an eccentric uncle who lived in a sprawling mansion filled with secrets--but my heroine does. And she's having a ball).

I'm sitting here perturbed because there's a rain delay at Wimbledon, all I can say is GO LINDSAY DAVENPORT!!! I really want her to win this one. She hasn't won a grand slam in 5 years.

Okay, I'm officially hooked on "Dancing With the Stars." Watched it last night (before I started writing) Man, I have decided I could NEVER do the Foxtrot. I'd butcher the Fox, and it would be dead. 'Nuff said on that one.

I took the boys for haircuts yesterday, and told the lady that I wanted Thing Three's hair to stay "longer on top" because he's really skinny and looks funny if his hair is close shaven. Well, she took that razor and shaved it all off, including the top. Didn't even bother to follow what I asked her to do. I was upset at first, but then I realized that he's four and he's little and it will look fine in a week.
I'll just have to have a little boy who looks like he wandered out of Auschwitz for a while. He looks positively emaciated. UGH. I hate it when hair people don't follow directions! Needless to say, I'll never go back to her.

Okay, yesterday I laughed and laughed until I cried over this website; it's another bashing (and sound trashing) of Romance novel covers gone awry. I feel bad for these poor romance novelists, who get saddled with these awful covers, but hey, it makes great fodder for our mindless entertainment. You can view the website here. (Caution: there's strong language so be warned. But get ready to laugh your a** off!)

Well I need to go off and don my Donna Reed pearls and heels and vacuum and dust. (I have a sneaking suspicion that the dust bunnies down in the basement have evolved into Dust DEER, so immediate action is required.)
As Kip would say in Napoleon Dynamite:

Peace out.

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Michelle Miles said...


I missed Dancing with the Stars last night in the fiasco that was my house (the upstairs AC died... blech).