Thursday, August 05, 2010

Twist and Shout

Sorry, I'm listening to my "Lara's Favorite Beatles" iTunes list right now. I've got every song I've ever loved/felt an attachment to on this list. It's quite comprehensive. I LURVE it. Even my kids are getting into the Beatles. Everyone should be!!!


Got up early today and weeded my beds. I had to start at 8am, because after 10 the heat is unbearable. And the SUN is too, for fair-skinned folk like me. I don't know if it's the Irish or Russian in me, but I am WHITE and FRECKLED. Bet you didn't know that about me. Oh, and I don't tan. I freckle. I remember when I was a cheerleader eons ago in school (don't snort like that, it's unbecoming) and I was so embarrassed at my neon flesh I resorted to tanning beds. I know, I know. Frankly, in retrospect, I had no business being a cheerleader. I mean, how many 5'11 cheerleaders are there, out there? Not too many.

ANYHOWIDON'TWANTTOTHINKABOUTIT, Hubby comes home tonight. I am happy to report that I have unpacked and frou-frou'd the Game Room, Master room and Thing Four's bedroom. I am NEARLY completed with Thing One's and the Boys' rooms. The week isn't over yet!

Now the focus is on SCHOOL. I can't believe they start up in three weeks! Where did the time go? Hey, wait a minute, I should be celebrating! But you know what, the older my kids get, the more I am enjoying having them home with me, safe. The world out there is scary sometimes, you know?

Off to shower. I smell like dirt, Roundup, sweat and SPF 7834. Niiiiiiiiiice.


Devon Ellington said...

Good work.

Yeah, I freckle like crazy, too!

Sporty Mama Says said...

You rock. Seriously!

PS - nominated you for an award. Thanks for being you! :)

Lowa said...

It's the Irish in us. I used to hate being so white also, but now I see the beauty in our porcelain skin:) Not to mention we have less wrinkles and age spots, right? Out skin won't look like aged leather when we are only 50. I can do without the freckles, though. My skin does the same thing.

I am just in awe that you are in NC. I could not deal with that climate at all. Wow, the school thing sucks:(