Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Think of Something Funny.

So, since I am beyond tired from lack of sleep (I call it the "Hubby-Is-Out-of-Town" Insomnia) I can only think of a few Murphy's Laws this morning. As they apply to me.

Murphy's Law #3684736:
The week you decide to eat healthy is the week all the birthday parties are being held. Hello Cupcakes.

Murphy's Law #6049385:
The one time you forget to pack a diaper and wipes in your handbag is also the one time your non-potty-trained three year old will choose to have a complete blowout. Oh, and don't even think about checking the glove box in the car for the "emergency diaper," because that will be gone, too.

Murphy's Law # 6068947:
When you decide to jog your trail as opposed to walking it, it seems twice as long.

Murphy's Law #8069462:
The week before school all the neighbor kids come out of the woodwork and you won't even have a moment's peace.

So, there you are. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

1 comment:

Sporty Mama Says said...

Oh Murphy, how I hate you so!!!

LOL - thanks for the brief reminder that we all go through it, eh?

~ Simone