Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One day left! School starts tomorrow!!! Oh my gosh I can't believe it!!!

Poor Thing Three. His school bus picks him up at 6:45 am. His other siblings don't have to catch the bus until 8:05. CRAZY!! And I'm a horrible mom because I still have to take them to get new shoes today. I am THE procrastinator!!!

One more open house tonight, and we're done. And I'm happy to report that I am no longer driving around illegally any more! (My WI license plates expired in June!) I now have shiny new "First in Flight" NC plates (I forewent the "Luv2Farm" plates) and I don't have to worry every time I see a police car.

In my defense, I had to wait until I got my actual license before I could do my plate registration. They don't give the license out here at the DMV. You get a sheet of paper and in 7-10 days you get the license in the mail. You would think with all the technology they have these days you could walk out with a license. There must be other factors.

Anyway, I am off to class, good friend and I did two miles and weights this morning from 6:30 -7:40 and I'm dead. Then my kids are having friends over and we have to school shop (I KNOW!!!) and then open house. Then Scouts and church meetings. Then I will shoot myself and it will all be over.

Okay, scratch that last part. Happy Tuesday! It's Toast Day!

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Devon Ellington said...

I"m sure you will get it all done, with your usual grace and charm.