Friday, August 13, 2010

A Day for the Trashcan.

Yesterday was a Not-So-Bueno day. You know those. The days you let things get the best of you, and you want to curl up with cookies and milk and wallow...yeah, that was me yesterday.

I didn't want to take my boys to the eye Dr. (Good thing I did, both of them needed updated glasses). I didn't want to take them around their new schools so they'd be comfortable. I didn't want to shower. I didn't want to balance the budget and pay bills. And I especially didn't want to make a pasta salad and go to a church function last night. But I made my sorry rear-end go, and came home to a Hubby who'd had a similarly yucky day.

We went to bed at 9:30. Seemed the logical thing to do, so we wouldn't be prolonging the sucky day. Of course our normal bedtime is around 11:30, so, when we both snapped awake this morning at 3:30, we just had to laugh.

I was supposed to go to the DMV this morning and register my car, but THANK THE HEAVENS ABOVE I called first. The title isn't in my name, so they won't let me. Can you imagine what would have gone down had I driven all the way there just to have them turn me away? I think you might have read about me in the news tomorrow. But I DID call first, so crisis averted. Whew! So, HUBBY gets to get the cars registered. That's what he gets for going and buying a car without me. ;-)

Walked four miles this morning with New Good Friend. We were sweating buckets in this humidity! I figure as long as I'm doing something an hour a day that is good. We usually do three miles. But we also like Cold Stone. Gotta make it up somewhere!

And now I'm miffed because the neighbors have all introduced themselves and they all have kids my kid's ages, and I have to keep my house clean all the time because my kids want so-and-so to come over. Every day.


I know. I'll lighten up soon.


Devon Ellington said...

We all have bad days. Also, remember the exhaustion from the move still hasn't dissipated. It takes awhile. Be good to yourself, remember to put stuff you WANT to do in with the have-tos. We're here to cheer you on. You get more done in some of your days than I get done in a month.

Especially when the bulk of my days right now are spent fighting with the landlord.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe satan runs COLD STONE! It's evil, evil I tell you!