Monday, August 09, 2010

It's Monday...WHEW!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! You ever have one of those crazy weekends that are just collapse into bed at night exhausted? That was us. We RAN all weekend.

Saturday we got up, worked out, then met one of Hubby's work colleagues for lunch and "comp shopping" for the next SIX hours. (Hubby is in the Retail business and he has to look at other stores and see if they "compare" to his company's sales, etc, hence the "comp" shopping.) And of course I told him we'd bring the kids and make a day of it. We were dead by the time we got home, but had already committed to buying ice cream and going to another family's home, and later that night, I had to run to Harris Teeter at 11pm to buy food for the Sunday dinner, which we'd invited two families in our church ward over for.

Got up early Sunday morning to make potato salad (mine has to "ripen" in the fridge for six hours) and write Thing Two's church talk because I'd forgotten to remind him he had one and it was the least I could do, and get my lesson ready for my class I teach. Then it was scrambling around to get everyone dressed for church, and Hubby was supposed to say the opening prayer in Sacrament meeting (which means we couldn't be late) and of course we were late and we honked at this minivan that was sitting and NOT MOVING at the green turn light and it ended up being people who go to our church (can you say MORTIFIED? But we had to be there to say the opening prayer!) and then after church it was a mad scramble to get the rest of the food prepared and the house tidied/shoved/glued/faked out/dusted/vacuumed for the company to come over.

The company was great, the food was good (go me) and I had eleven kids running through my house like banshees for three hours. Well, make that TEN kids and one three-year old who thinks he's eight years old and gets really frustrated when his little body doesn't keep up with the rest of the older kids. ;-) Poor Thing Four.

The night was success, but Hubby and I were E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D. We didn't even read before bedtime. We just both fell into bed and were asleep instantly.

And in the spirit of Major Randomness--don't you just love it when you realize you've moved around so much you don't have any complete immunization records for your kids? (And someone was lazy and didn't bother about it--oh who said that!!) and you have about FIVE different sets and you need to put them all into a cohesive spreadsheet?

Yeah. I love it too. Better get going on that...


The Bean Cassarole said...

I think I just got tired reading that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow!

Just FYI, sixth graders have to have some sort of booster shot. I think your county is included. They started it a couple of years ago. Better check into it.

Lara said...

Brenda, I did see that! Luckily my sixth grader got the booster in June. Wisconsin was requiring the same thing. Thanks for the info!


Anonymous said...

Life is better when you are in the middle of it all! Great weekend stuff!


Devon Ellington said...

Sounds like a good weekend, in spite of being busy, and that you're happy in the new community.