Monday, August 23, 2010

Those D*** Neighbors...

So, we have a saying in our house--because no one ever admits to anything (you remember the little "Not Me" ghost who ran around the Family Circus cartoons? Yeah, that would be about right), and it's probably inappropriate, but whenever something happens and no one will cop to it, it must be the D*** Neighbors! For the sake of keeping this kid-friendly, I will say Darn Neighbors.

Anyway, those pesky Darn Neighbors have been up to quite a bit of mischief, lately. They ate the Last Chocolate Chip Cookie. They overfed the fish. They left wet towels and swimsuits on the floor of the bathroom. They left the Wii on all night long. They made off with the DO NOT TOUCH/MOM'S scissors, and ate all the bacon before we could put it on our home-made pizzas the other night. Those Darn Neighbors. They are becoming a nuisance, they are! They leave granola bar wrappers by the kids' computer niche, deplete all the candy in my candy jar, and my BIGGEST PET PEEVE EVER, they leave empty cartons of stuff in the freezer. You know how sometimes you're having a sucky day and you MUST have a fudgesicle, and you go to the freezer and joy of joys there's still some fudgesicles left, and you grab the box and....DENIED!!! THE BOX IS EMPTY!!!

Those Darn Neighbors!!!!!! They ate them all up and put the empty box back because they didn't want you to know they finished them off! I hate those neighbors!!!

Yeah, those darn neighbors. They are just TROUBLE.


Today is crazy with school open houses and last minute shopping and general chaos and mayhem. I hope everyone has a good Monday!


Anonymous said...

Only, in OUR house "zero" did it! Bring back memories?

Have a great day!


Devon Ellington said...

Amazing how good they are at picking your locks, isn't it? ;)

Anonymous said...

I think we must have the same damned neighbors. Add it to the dozens of empty soda cans in the basement by the PS3, a poptart wrapper stuffed in my aloe plant and the empty strawberry container taking up the entire middle shelf of an otherwise stuffed refrigerator and there you have it!

I have the same issue with scissors.

Anonymous said...

Talk about SCISSORS!!!!

I could NEVER keep a pair (three kids in my family) and, now, the "scissors bandit" keeps popping up at Lara's house.

It is so funny to see life go full circle with your kids.

Lara's Mom