Monday, August 02, 2010

Hubby is off to NYC this morning, good friend and I already did our three mile walk, and now I am jumping in the shower. I need to stock up at Costco, get my nails done (my thumbnail popped off when I was taking heavy wet towels out of the washer and putting them into the dryer last night don't you HATE that?) and then I'm going to sequester myself upstairs and GET. STUFF. DONE.

I have until Thursday night. I want to have the house all done before Hubbs comes home. Especially since I've had him tiptoe-ing around boxes and tissue paper for four weeks now!

The weekend was good. Saturday we ran around a lot, but saw that Cats & Dogs movie (don't waste your money) and went to dinner. Sunday was a nice relaxing family day. Hubby and I made quesadillas and we watched Adventures In Babysitting. I think it was a lot funnier twenty years ago. Our kids mostly laughed at the Eighties clothes. ;-)

Time to run! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!

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