Friday, July 30, 2010

One Week

That's what I'm giving myself at this point. One week, to get the entire house DONE. We are "mostly" unpacked, but I need to get pictures up, candles out, plants out, knick-knacks out, etc. I swear, if I believed in reincarnation I would think I lived in the Victorian era, because I'm NOT into clean surfaces. I have to have a plant. And candlesticks. And cool looking little boxes. And books. And cool knick-knacks. I am all about the Frou Frou. No Spartan Calvin Klein look for me. I like...cozy. Modern yet traditional. In other words, I went into Garden Ridge last night and about peed my pants. And wished I had about three more sets of eyes. I was in HEAVEN!!!

Anyhowrandomstreamofconsciousness, I am getting us settled in, while Hubby is in NYC all next week. When he comes home, I will have the house just like I want it. And I have some guys coming in to hang our flat screen TVs and hook up our big system upstairs in the Game room. So, we will be in business. :-) If you care to see, I will post before and after pics! ;-)

This weekend is all about going to the pool, and getting all 2049745 weeds out of my flower beds. GO ME!!! I hope everyone enjoys the last few days of July!!!


Lowa said...

YES! Pictures PLEASE! I love that stuff too and adore seeing pictures of how other people decorate their homes:)

Devon Ellington said...

Sounds like a great plan.

I agree with you -- too many spartan surfaces and I get twitchy.

I think it's because each item tells a story, and we re-tell the story to ourselves or others each time we see it, and keep the family history going.