Thursday, May 07, 2009

Note To Self: Flat Paint and Kids = VERY BAD IDEA.

I am exhausted. I stayed up until 2am, PAINTING, of all things. First of all, I have a couple complaints. Our house was a former model home, so there are about 935 different shades of paint in different rooms. Some rooms have up to THREE different accent colors. And sometimes it's hard to differentiate between "Basket Beige" or "Baguette." After a while, they sort of look the same.

My other complaint? The geniuses who built the house used FLAT paint on the interior. It's just fine if you have zero kids, zero pets, zero clumsiness and your house is only occupied a few weeks out of the year. In short, FLAT PAINT SUCKS. I've probably touched up my walls seven times in two years. Luckily, flat paint is a snap to PAINT with, but all it takes is ONE time--for my toddler to escape from his high chair before I have a chance to wipe the peanut butter and jelly from his fingers--and the pristine walls are GONZO.

I broke down and had the maid service come yesterday--a little mother's day present for myself. Hubby has been in New York all week, and he comes home tonight. So, I decided to break out the (about seven) cans of paint and touch up all the "rough spots." I collapsed into bed six hours later--but the house does look pretty good! WHEW!

When we win the lottery--I think I'm going to get an estimate on how much to have the interior repainted--in a satin. Definitely more kid-friendly!

I want a nap. But I need to clean out a closet. I guess I will just have to go through the day feeling Narcoleptic. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

When I repainted the apt. a few years ago, I think I used an eggshell -- or maybe it is satin. At any rate, it wipes really easily.