Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Things have been so busy lately, I have had to force myself to sit at this computer. Today, for example, I have to mow the lawn, work out, bake cookies for a class party, go to Michael's AGAIN (because I forgot the styrofoam balls for Thing Three's Dragon project, grrrr!) go on a church visit, the dry cleaners, the Doctor (my annual checkup) and two soccer practices.

My good friend gave me a copy of WONDROUS STRANGE for my birthday, and I'm excited to read it. Have I had a chance, yet? I REALLY want to read it! But at night, I'm so physically exhausted I can't manage more than a page. I set it on top of a stack of books about eight inches high, to be read. The book underneath it I got for CHRISTMAS. Philippa Gregory's latest, which I am also dying to read, but have I had a chance? No.

Why? Because I can't put a book down. I am one of those people who will let the dishes pile up in the sink, the kids run around till they're filthy, and my house grow dust DEER while I sit on the sofa and block everything out while I feverishly turn pages.

I can't help it. So, I need to find a time where I can devote a good chunk of time to reading.

:-( I am going to try for this Sunday. Instead of collapsing for a nap after church, I am going to read WONDROUS STRANGE! I need a good escape! I need to feed my brain! My brain needs to have adventures!

Cross your fingers for me!

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Anonymous said...

Reading is one of the best mini-vacations you can give yourself.