Friday, May 15, 2009


I survived yesterday, only because I delayed the whole "lawn mowing" thing. At this point, I just hope the lawn mower doesn't blow up--with me sitting on it--because our grass is looking shaggy.

And we have DANDELIONS!!! WTH??? We've never had them. We've always done the weed and feed ourselves. And we've never had but a few. Then we hired a service, and the guy sprayed, and NOTHING. We have more dandelions than I can count.

Here's where Hubby and I differ. I actually think dandelions are pretty. We have a lot of farms and farmland around us, and those green pastures with the sweep of yellow on them, are very pretty!

NOT on our lawn, however. Hubby would rather gouge out his own eye, than have dandelions on his lawn. I tell him he needs to relax. But he won't. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't much difference between those really big dandelions, and a Mum. Seriously. Yellow mums. That's what they look like to me. But if we get even ONE on the lawn, Hubby is freaking out and getting out the weed treatment and calling out the reinforcements.

Now that we seem to be COVERED in dandelions, you can imagine Hubby's anxiety. He has me calling this poor guy and emailing him, to come out and SAVE US from the dandelions.
Granted, we paid for the whole year and it seems to me we're not getting good results, so he needs to come and make it right, but I don't want to be the "pesty customers."

I have a feeling if we don't pester him, our lawn will suffer Death By Dandelions. And that just might push my Hubby over the edge...I can see it now...out there at 1am in nothing but a robe spot treating the dandelions with a spray bottle...

Poor Hubby.


Aimee said...

Waaaaaay back in 1978, my husband was paid a penny a dandelion to dig them out of the family lawn by the roots. No just plucking off the top flower. He dug $26 worth of dandelions to earn money for a model airplane. I'm all for child labor on things like this. It's just a matter of finding the right prize at the end for your child.

Lara said...

OMGosh I have done the same thing to my kids! Only since it is no longer 1978, I give them a dime.