Friday, August 15, 2008


Soccer practices started last night--nothing new to tell. Same old same old. But it's starting to seem like Fall! School starts in a couple of weeks, everything is ready!

This is my favorite time of year--the months of September to end of December. Fall is fun, and the holidays are even...funner. *wink* Yes, I know that's not a proper word.

I need to just breathe. I figured that out recently. I had a HUGE list of things to do yesterday, and I was a sweaty housecleaning mess, looking at my piles of laundry, and I got a phone call from a new friend who moved into our church ward, who happens to live only five minutes away. She invited us over for lunch and swimming. I looked at my mess, I thought about it, and I decided TO HECK WITH IT I wanted to have some fun! So I dumped the boys in the car (Thing One was already over at the house swimming, she'd had a sleepover there) and we went and had fun.

Well, the kids had fun. I tried to. But wrangling a 15-month old who constantly wants "DOWN" and wants to stick his chubby fingers in things and head straight for the open water and crawl up the stairs and pull things out of cupboards and be going going going all the time kind of saps the "fun" part of things. We put him in the water with his own seat/floaty thingy, but he decided it would be fun to pitch forward and nearly drown himself--twice. So we gave up.

But hey, the kids had fun. That's what matters most, right? And we got to chat and wrangle kids. Although I was tempted to hog-tie one of them. ;-)

It's Friday! I hope everyone has a good weekend! The Olympics last night were AWESOME and I actually stayed up for all of them. YAY!

Hubby just told me he invited his co-workers (and their kids) over to our house for a grill party tomorrow night. It was nice that he asked me if it was OK first, but what was I gonna say? NO?

Time to run to the store!

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Michelle Miles said...

Sounds like you had a much-deserved break! Good on ya.

Our soccer practice starts Saturday. I love Sept-Dec too! The first of the year is just depressing and summer is too hot to move.

Happy weekend!