Thursday, August 28, 2008


Man, yesterday was tough. This cold hit me hard and fast. I spent a lot of the day curled up, achy and feeling like a regurgitated rat turd.

I started feeling more human after I took medicine and a shower and forced myself to take the kids to Open House. I've never seen them so giddy and enthusiastic about school starting. It's a great thing. I am glad they want to learn, and their teachers seem very on-the-ball. I was amazed at the new Smartboards, too. They have them in every classroom, and they look way cool. No more overhead projectors!

I edited chapters last night and chatted online. Hubby went to bed, and I went later, because I'm sleeping in the guest room (my idea) so I won't get him sick, or keep him up snorting. *wink*

Today I feel much better, but my voice sounds like Lucille Ball in her 60's. But hey, the aches are gone!

So, why am I nervous? Because it seems Thing Four is already growing out of his naps. He usually takes them at ten and three o'clock, but lately, he just jibber jabbers and stands up in his crib, and won't go to sleep. So, I'm thinking he's not into naps anymore.This sort of sucks, because when he's down, I can get my writing/editing in. I was counting on it when school starts.I think he'll go for a morning nap at least still, so I'm going to test him the next few days, and see if he'll at least take ONE. Cross your fingers for me!

Okay, seriously, it's Thursday. Why are the weeks just FLYING by??? Can anyone tell me this?


Aimee said...

It's such a bummer when naptime goes away. Personally, I preferred to keep the kids awake all morning while running errands, then they would crash HARD for 2-3 hours every time!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Thing Four is ready to transition to a SINGLE nap each day.

Yay on the revising.

{{{Lara}}} on the cold. Now you've just got to wait it out.

Michelle Miles said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Sounds like the baby is ready for one nap a day. That was always tough. You suddenly have a toddler and have to run after him instead of doing what you want. hehe

I'm so PROUD of you for editing. I'll get to your chapters today if I can. :)

Lowa said...

YOU CRACK ME UP!! Regurgitated rat turd. You are so funny!

Smartboards...dunno what those are but they sound cool.

You know, my younger two did that nap thing. It was SO WEIRD. I have a friend whose son still napped when he was SEVEN!?!? I could never imagine that. My older two did when they were five still, but the younger two decided they had better things to do. I tried every few days. Even when they were only two, they DID NOT NAP. I got to where I laid them down for "quiet time" every few days just in case, but no luck. They seriously have not napped since they were almost two.

Good luck with that!