Tuesday, August 05, 2008


My 14-month old has decided that baby food is no longer for him. R.I.P., pureed food.

That's what I get for giving him normal food. The pureed bananas and squash he basically loved up until LAST WEEK, will have to be "sneaked" into his diet somehow, because he won't eat them. Anything that is pureed is not acceptable anymore. He wants to eat chunky food. He wants to pick it up with his fingers, or chew it.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he officially has a full set of teeth, including molars.

He is usually very nice about it. He puts his arm in front of his mouth. That means "no more, mom." Sometimes I'll try to trick him. Nope. Choo choo train and plane noises will NOT make the spoon go into his mouth. He simply looks at me as if I've gone a little funny in the head. And if I do manage to get a spoonful in, politeness goes out the window, and he SPITS IT OUT.

Oh well, he warned me with the arm, right?

*sigh* My baby has become a toddler. I am sad!

On the Writing front, I got my 2800 words in last night. I am hoping I can wrap this all up in 60K, but it might end up being a tad longer. I don't want the ending to feel rushed, so I need to plant some red herrings more towards the beginning, and stick some additional scenes in, so that when the ending does come, it won't seem abrupt. That will be tricky. But that is an editing job. For now, I'm just letting the fingers fly and the story come out. I'll go back and make it cohesive later.

I'm nervous about tonight. I'm supposed to go and teach a bunch of Cub Scouts how to tie assorted knots. (I'm filling in for a den mom on vacation) The only knot I can tie, is a square knot. And the tie-your-shoes knot. Does it have a name? A bow?

Heaven help me.


Michelle Miles said...

LOL He's ready for real food, Mom.

I continue to be impressed with your tenacity on the writing front! Can you send me some of your fire?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's a bright one -- and a good communicator.

Knots -- have never been any good at them. That's why I don't work as a rigger! ;)

When in doubt, staple or duct tape!

Lowa said...

Can you just give him "real" bananas that have not been pureed?? With all those teeth, I think he would be fine and then you don't need to worry about sneaking in pureed food. Mine only had 3 or 4 teeth by that age, so I was really nervous about giving them "real" food that had not been mushed up a lot.

I can still picture my guys doing that with the arm covering their mouth...ah...so cute! The 14 month old that I babysit actually mimicked me the other night! Jock and I went to babysit him while his parents went out on a date. I was blowing a bubble with my gum and he was fascinated. I said "Bubble" and he said "Bub-BO!" so I am feeling a little better about his progress. Thanks for your input on my worries, btw:)

OH! Hope your shoulder feels better:(

Wow, the writing sounds terrific!

diary of a suburban momma said...

Are you trying to sneak in the pureed food because it is stock piled in the freezer? I made baby food for my daughter and cried my way to the trash can when she toddlerized herself and longed for true solids.