Friday, August 29, 2008

Mellifluous Melons...

I was selfish and bought a cantaloupe a few days ago. I say selfish, because I'm the only one in my family who can eat one. Everyone else is allergic. Not DEATHLY allergic, but everyone gets an itchy throat when they partake. Hubby's lips swell up. So, melons are a purely selfish purchase for me.
Granted I've never liked watermelon and honeydew is "just OK." But Cantaloupe...ah, when it's just the right kind of ripe, there's nothing like it! Mmmmmm!

My friend Aimee, who lives in Istanbul, blogged about how they are giving away melons right now for practically nothing--I still have to pay $2.64 for one of them.

I had a crush on a very nearly perfect guy in high school, and I breathlessly waited as he wrote in my yearbook (his senior year, not mine) and when I got the book back, he'd written a poem about...MELONS. (Because we'd had lunch together a few days before, and I'd had a fruit tray, and told him I really liked melons, because I was a nervous self-concious mess and couldn't think of anything else to talk about...except melons.)

Yep, mortifying, I know. Hey, I was a sophomore. I was completely backwards! For years I wished I had the opportunity to do that lunch "over" with him. I would have actually flirted with him. I would have talked eloquently about books, movies, philosophy, music, and Life in general. NOT... MELONS. WHY COULDN'T I THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY??????!!!!!!


I felt better yesterday, but I was at the computer a LOT. Editing and revising. I think it's starting to "get somewhere." I am in debt to my crit partner, who patiently has sifted through my drivel (I have 280+ pages of it!) and she's not blind or complaining, yet. :-) I guess that's a good sign.

I can't believe it's friday--and Labor Day weekend! I hope everyone takes the time to play! Normally, I would remind you all about the "no white shoes after Labor Day" rule, but in today's fashion atmosphere, I think anything goes!

Except black tights with white shoes. Those were a no-no even when they weren't.

Yes, I was guilty of that infraction ONCE, in 9th grade. I wore a black skirt, black nylons, and WHITE shoes, because my sweater had a white stripe on the collar. I needed more white somewhere!

*sigh* And I could only talk about Melons with the guy I adored...


Aimee said...

Sorry to remind you of the wannabe do-over. Who was the guy?

Lara said...

I'll give you a hint: He was in choir with us, and his initials were D.A.

You gotta know!!!

Jennifer said...

I remember!

Michelle Miles said...

I had a HUGE crush on the first chair sax player my senior year - I was second chair. He was so cool and I could NEVER think of anything to say to him. At least you talked. LOL

Your story ROCKS. I love it.

Lowa said...

One of the only guys I ever had a crush on was a year younger than me. He found me on Facebook a year ago and admitted he had been totally into me! ACK! He wondered why he was not my escort to my grad (I guess it is called Prom here?? But it was when I Graduated from High School. He thought I would have asked him and was so sad that I didn't! I feel bad) and agreed with me that we were both too shy to do anything about it.

Anyway, cantaloupe are $5 EACH here! Are you SERIOUS that you pay so little for them?? AHH! Five out of us six LOVE them and we go through about three per week! LOL Sheesh! We would save a LOT of we lived there!

Hope you have a great weekend!