Friday, August 08, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Products...

Status: Neck and shoulder are fine after a break at the computer. I didn't write ONE word yesterday. And I probably won't today. I want to start edits on the story with fresh eyes this weekend.

Okay, so, I've noticed this, and if *I* have noticed it, other moms probably have too.

Product packaging is getting smaller. For instance, the Cheerios boxes aren't as big as they used to be. Edy's icecream cartons are WAY smaller. Extra Gum packs have been restyled, but they don't hold as much. Little things, but the problem I have: They're still charging the same price for less product.

Then, yesterday, I stumbled on an article that basically said the food companies ARE doing this, for a reason. Rather than raise prices on their foods, they are opting to "skimp" on them, and use smaller packaging, and keep the prices the same.

For instance, Tropicana Orange Juice now has a few ounces less in their orange juice. Frito Lay is going to put less chips in their bags. Kellog's cereals is putting in less cereal. Even Hellman's mayonnaise has jumped on the "downsizing" bandwagon. And Country Crock. You know those large tubs of margarine? They're smaller now, too.

I think it's deceptive. I makes me feel cheated. I'd rather they were just honest and raised the prices.

What's next? A "slimmed down" 3/4 Gallon Milk Jug?

The article mentioned something interesting. Wev'e all been ranting and raving about gas prices, they were the headliners of 2008. Well, apparently, next year, in 2009, the headliners will be steak and bacon prices.

If you're the average red-meat eating American, enjoy your steak and bacon while you can. Heck, I'm going to Sam's club and buy it while it's cheap and freeze it.

We're going school clothes shopping tonight. FUN. My boys are growing like weeds, so I told Hubby we either have to buy A) very little or B) a size up from where they are.

Have a happy weekend, everyone! Opening Ceremonies are tonight!!! WOOO! Viva la Olympics!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm tired of being screwed by manufacturers. I'm looking forward to having a garden and growing a percentage of my own food.

I suggest leaving the book for at least two weeks before you start edits -- two days won't give you enough distance.

And good for you, taking a few days off to clear your head and rest your shoulder -- you've earned it.

Enjoy the opening ceremonies -- I got called in to the show tonight.

I can live them vicariously through you.

Michelle Miles said...

Food prices in general really have gone up, though, due in part to the high gas prices. It costs more to ship, so naturally they'll raise the price .10 to .15 cents while continuing to skimp up. I often wonder what's happened to the world. And I wonder if we can ever get back that innocence that we had back in the 50s. I highly doubt it. Of course, I know life wasn't grand for them back then either, but it sure seems a helluva lot better than it does now.

Don't mind me, I'm cranky. :)

Lara said...

I noticed! Check your email. :-)

Anonymous said...

I first noticed this trend with ice cream. It was very sad.

It makes me glad I shop local farmers as often as possible and make a lot of stuff from scratch. I still give me full-size and value ;)

Have fun tonight!