Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Status: Feeling AWESOME!

Why? Because, the temperature dipped waayyyy down last night, into the 50's. Hubby and I slept with the windows open in our room, and it was cold. We got out the down comforter and duvet, and used them, and we were snug as bugs.

It was the best night's sleep I've had in AGES. I have officially decided that although summer is beautiful and fun, I am a "cooler weather" girl. Seriously. I love fall clothes, and I love the trees, and I love getting a good night's sleep, because I'm not sweltering hot!

It's the WINTER, that gets to me, here. But fall, it's bliss! Fall is definitely in the air! It's only going to be mid to high 70's this week. I am beginning to wonder if my kids will even get to wear their shorts for very long after school starts?!

We were out late last night, getting shoes for all the kids. AACK. All three of the older ones needed a pair for church (of course our girl needed a FEW) a pair that stay at school for Phy Ed, and a few pairs of casual shoes. Do that, times FOUR kids, and, well, it makes the eyes water a little. I don't know how families with seven, eight, or more kids do it. Massive hand-me-downs is all I can think. And it's not like we bought the most expensive shoes ever--we went to Kohl's and took advantage of their sale, and even used our "pick a day" coupon. But it was still an arm and a leg and a few toes, for their shoes.

Okay, I'll stop complaining, but DANG!

The baby had his 15-month checkup yesterday. The Dr. told me congratulations, he's perfect, and he's ENORMOUS. He's the size of a three-year old. Off the charts. And he weighs 28 1/2 pounds. He's so dang cute, though. Not that I'm biased, or anything. ;-)

Today I need to make sure the kids have everything set, tomorrow night is Open House. We get to go meet their teachers and put all their stuff in their desks. Woo! Of course, I wish it was later than 4-6, because Hubby doesn't usually get home from work until 8pm on average, so he won't be there. So it will be me and all the kids pushing a stroller and lugging their stuff. Oh well, happens every year.

I am going to go open the windows. Happy Tuesday Toast Day!!!


Jennifer said...

I sent the girls to their first day of school today in their summer Keens because just the thought of shoe shopping nearly does me in. Luckily it will be in the high eighties.

Good luck with open house.

Michelle Miles said...

I am SO jealous you get to open the windows!! It's still hot as blazes here.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear that the little one is doing so well.

We have a few more weeks here in the desert before we can start dreaming of cooler temps. Just hanging in there.