Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Where Did May Go?

Okay, seriously, who's playing with the Remote of my Life? Who hit 2X speed? May was gone in a zip, it's already June? School is out in two weeks, and I can't believe the year is half over already!

Everyone always tells me to "enjoy" my kids while they're young, and I am finally starting to get it, because they are growing front of my eyes. *sniff*

Or maybe it's just because I'm so busy running around, the time flies. Who knows?

It was cloudy and cold yesterday, and it is supposed to rain every day this week. UGH. Mowing the lawn in the rain is not fun, but of course Hubby had to do the crazy "fertilizer thing" this past weekend and the grass is growing at an alarming rate. And when I mow wet grass, it always gets stuck in the pipe, instead of blowing up into the bagging unit. So I have to stop every other row and shake it out, unclog it, and latch it back on. NOT FUN, PEOPLE!

Writing Ramblings:
I logged in 2400 words yesterday. Hooray for me! I am getting to the "good part" now--the part where they realize that they've stumbled on something big...and I've played it all out in my head a dozen times. They find an ancient artifact, and I get to start telling the story of the person that artifact belonged to. Can't wait!

Unfortunately, it has to wait until tonight. I am taking Thing Four to the Children's hospital for X-rays this morning. The Dr. hasn't seen him in six months and he wants to make sure his hips are still going in the right direction. I'm hoping for good news. So far, that's all we've had, so more of the same would be welcome. I would like to put all of that behind us, at this point. He's only slightly delayed from wearing the harness for four months--he's not walking yet but he's crawling like a champ and starting to pull up on stuff. No complaints from me!

Time to get ready! Wish me luck--looks like I'm mowing a wet lawn today! :-P


wfbdoglover said...

Today is our Spring Sing. It is an outdoor concert performed by the entire school. I am hoping it will stop raining so we can have it today. Tomorrow is the rain date and it is suppose to rain as well.

My son's grade had to wear a tie for the performance. He has on a grey polo shirt and a silver tie, with brown shorts. He looks so handsome! This is our last Spring Sing, as he will graduate to the middle school next year. They truly do grow up fast and I only have one to watch so it is going quicker.

As far as the grass.... could you leave it until it stops raining? Then when you cut it, leave your setting on the second highest notch. I usually cut the grass short in the spring, but in the summer, I leave it long and cut it on the highest notch. Leaving the grass longer, protects the roots and you don't have to water as much. The grass grows slower in the heat, last year I did not cut the grass the whole month of July and didn't water at all.

Keep blades sharp and mow only when grass is dry to reduce damage to the plants. Avoid mowing during intense heat & drought. And leave clippings on the lawn. They enrich the soil with nitrogen, and won’t cause thatch if you fertilize correctly and avoid pesticides. (Pesticides kill beneficial organisms that break down organic matter.)

(hope you don't mind my two cents)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for good news with Thing Four.

Yay on the writing!

Michelle Miles said...

You are doing so great on the writing!! You have to keep me motivated. :)

I hope the baby does good at this appt! Let us know!

Lowa said...

Hope you get a good report from the doc!!

Lots of babies who did not go through what your son has, aren't walking at his age. Myself included. Apparently I did not walk until I was 14 months old.

All my kids walked by 10 months and were running around by their first birthday. Enjoy this! Even though he likely crawls like the wind, at least it is a little easier to keep an eye on him, right??

My third son's friend didn't walk until she was 15 or 16 months old. She is 2 months older than him and it was kind of weird at his first birthday to see him toddling/running all over, and her chasing after him in a dress on her hands and knees! LOL Especially since she is really big and has always been a lot bigger than he is.

Yeah, I would wait until the grass dries a bit and the rain stops, we always do!

Anonymous said...

You know, you think a child's first year of life is the worst of it, but it isn't.

It's really The End Of The School Year Hazing Ritual.

There should be a law.

Um, have fun? mowing the wet lawn?

Hope the doc's visit is good news.