Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We Live in a Zoo...


*Ahem* Okay. That was exciting.

Hubby had a 9am dentist appointment, so instead of waking up at 5:45, which is his normal time, he woke up at 7:45, and don't worry, we all slept in!! Even the baby didnt' wake up until 6:30. (yeah, I was bad, I let him sit and talk in his crib). It was blissful.

I'm sad though, no baby turkeys (poults!) this morning. I want to get a picture of them--I had my camera ready at the bay windows and everything. The last two mornings they have walked right through our yard, but this morning they are elsewhere. Maybe tomorrow! I'll get a picture yet.

We really do have a lot of wildlife around here. It's sort of like a wildlife preserve--or ZOO, depending on how you look at it. We have squirrels, birds, prairie dogs, deer, rabbits, turkeys, raccoons, and eeek: coyotes. Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I haven't seen any around here, just two miles away. But I will definitely be more cognizant of what goes on in the back yard. And my kids make so much noise normally I would imagine they would stay away.


I had a MAJOR breakthrough with the novel yesterday. I was plotting (I had rough ideas of what I wanted to write but nothing solid) and with a little research, it all clicked and fit together perfectly, like a puzzle being solved. The "click" was almost audible, in my head. It was a definite "AH HAH!" moment. I was thrilled. So now I can go forward and write with confidence, because I know exactly what I'm going to do, and it will make sense. That doesn't usually happen for me. Not that way, anyway.

Lots to do today, mowing the lawn, Tennis, softball, and Thing Two has his first experience with Boy Scout Camp.

Heaven help us all. I will keep the cell phone on me.


wfbdoglover said...

AWWW I would love to see the prarie dog.

My son is a scout as well! YAY Scouts!

Michelle Miles said...

I will be very alarmed if you say an elephant walks by... ;)

I'm so happy you had an AH-HAH moment! We're both on track and having those and it's great, isn't it?? I LOVE IT. hehe

Happy writing!

Anonymous said...

I love those AHA moments!

Anonymous said...

Aren't lightbulb moments the ABSOLUTE BEST! I'm sure it's all that extra sleep (an anomaly when you're a Mom).

I'm sure Thing Two will love Scout Camp. 13 has been doing the overnight camp for several years and 9 does the day camp. They love it.